Intro: Aiyo I got somethin I need to get off my chest


Out of respect I won't mention her name

But what she did caused me pain

It drove me insane and brought me great shame, why did she block me, it really shocked me, was I to blame? It was five years ago but the tears still wish to flow I don't let em though but the depression and anger continues to grow very slow and steady, feels like my chest is gettin heavy, I wasn't prepared for this, yo I wasn't ready, I can't handle this fate now I dispise the date of April 28th, and though it hurt I was ok with her rejectin me, but why didn't she view me as a friend? Straight up disrespectin me, only textin buddies? We couldn't at least be friends? Now I'm very careful who I try to be friends with again and by the way back then, in 2014 I almost lost it, throwin things at the wall, cryin in the closet it was possibly the only time I turned on the faucets, I guess emotionally I cried my last tears, it's now 2019 but I remember this like last year now let me be clear. I know I need to be strong and that it's time to move on but yo she done me wrong so now I'm makin this song, to help me through this, why did she do this? We used to talk a lot about different topics but I best get off it cuz thinkin of this is makin me feel toxic, that girl hurt me bad and she couldn't have found a badda way, now I'm askin "What is love? like Haddaway but yo for real I wish her no ill will, in fact I wish her the best but I had to get this off my chest I may continue to be depressed but nevertheless I'm lookin forward to the future even though April 28th keeps me stressed but I know I should let it rest and leave it in the past cuz I know I'm blessed so yo today March 21st, will be the day I uplift this curse and end this stress.


This will be the last time I speak about her. I do wish her the best in spite of what she did to me. April 28th of 2014 was the worst day of my life, but yo it's time to move on.