A/N: And now we have the third installment for the Tails Series, which is still in development! I actually wasn't going to upload this story yet until I got through with Tails of the Bounty Hunter, but a friend of mine is very eager to see this story, so I figured it's only fair to upload each chapter slowly to tease him. ;) Also this has nothing to do with the Tales Series by Bandai Namco.

Similar to Tails of Fame and Tails of the Bounty Hunter, this series takes place in an alternate universe where human beings and anthropomorphic animals coexist, which will be the central theme for every entry included in the series.

The series is an anthology, so every entry in the series can be read in any order, and each entry will focus on a different theme, different set of characters, different plot, etc. Because of this, there's no need to read Tails of Fame or Tails of the Bounty Hunter before reading this story, as it takes place in a completely different location and has nothing to do with those stories at all. This entry focus on the Gladiator Detention Facility, a colossal intergalactic prison facility where most of the inmates are forced to participate in gladiator matches. In return for each tournament they win, some of their prison sentence will be reduced; the more tournaments they win, the sooner they will be released. This story merely focuses on the lives of several of these inmates as they try to survive and coexist given their current predicaments.

Story includes lots of violence, swearing, some nudity, brief sex and rape scenes, death, and gore.

Mkays, so all that's out the way. Enjoy the story. :D

Hot breath exploded from the lizard's mouth as he sprinted down the path, his metal boots clomping around the hard soil. He looked around the area for a moment, examining the giant landscape as he tried to conserve his energy and determine whether or not the creatures were still stalking him. The reptile coughed a few times, his breath hollow inside the cramped metal helmet, before he thumped his tail on the ground and looked up. Dozens of stars shined above him, lighting up the seemingly endless dark areas of space. The lizard could see a yellow planet not far from where he stood; he could get there in under an hour if he had a fast spaceship at his disposal. It wouldn't be hard either. All he had to do was hijack the nearest ship he could find, override its controls, and he'd be free. But as the lizard gazed at the planet, he swallowed, and felt something tight pressed around his scaly green neck. The reptile lowered his head and snarled, remembering where he was, and why he wouldn't be able to escape anytime soon.

"Four more years," he murmured. "Four more fuckin' years."

After getting distracted, the lizard saw something dark zooming through the atmosphere, casting a dark shadow against the ground. The reptile groaned and immediately turned to his left, sprinting down the rocky terrain before he slid along a muddy slope. The reptile grunted as he moved down the hill, his armor getting stained from behind, the brown mud mixing in with the greenish-blue color of the heavily-plated armor suit. When the lizard reached the bottom, he grunted and rolled behind a rock, panting heavily as he squatted down to hide from the enemy. As he slowly lifted his head back up, he gazed through the visor of his helmet and examined his surroundings again. Muddy rocks were strewn all over the ground, the soil was now reddish-brown, no doubt from what happened to the rest of the contestants, and there wasn't a tree in sight. The sky was dark and cloudless, making it easier for the lizard to see who—or what—was approaching, but with his bright green and blue armor, the lizard stuck out like a sore thumb. The lizard looked behind, and all he saw was the steep hill he just slid down. He looked left, and saw nothing but reddish-brown rocks and hills. He looked right, and only spotted a few twigs spread around the soil with the rocks. Up ahead was the same: nothing but rocks and hills.

So when the giant winged serpent stomped its way over a hill and sprinted for a wide open area a few yards from the lizard, he grinned.

"Finally. Something to do!" the lizard shouted with exasperation.

Not feeling threatened in the slightest, the lizard hopped over the boulder he was hiding behind and exhaled as he started walking forward. The closer he got, the easier it was to make out the monster's appearance. It was a little smaller than a typical feral elephant found in the Milky Way. The reptile's body was long and lithe, almost spanning five meters—mostly because of the tail alone. The lizard could see that the winged serpent's head was abnormally large and circular, almost the size of a boulder—which looked uncanny compared to the rest of the beast's thin body. Six gray wings ran down the serpent's back, each one a foot apart from each other. The winged serpent had no arms, but only two legs, making it look like some kind of wyvern or an armless Tyrannosaurus rex. The lizard stared at the beast's scaly body, observing the navy blue scales shimmering a bit while the serpent slowly flapped its wings a few times. As the lizard got closer, he noticed how the serpent's mouth was bloody, and its lower jaw protruded outwards just far enough to show off a row of uneven, serrated, jagged yellow teeth. The serpent snorted twice, its small nostrils opening and blowing out a hefty gust of wind, just as the lizard was within a few feet of the beast.


After the lizard got the winged serpent's attention, the serpent snorted again and looked over at the lizard, blinking with confusion. As the lizard approached the winged beast, the reptile smirked and glared at the creature's enormous head.

"Hey, you seen another five or ten beasts that look like you? Got a fat-ass head, all large and shit, probably too dumb to understand what I'm saying?"

The lizard could tell that the serpent was somewhat cognizant enough to understand that it was being insulted. Because it snarled viciously, causing a large jet of saliva to shoot from its mouth all over the soil. The lizard shrugged and exhaled deeply into his helmet, his breath loud in his earholes.

"All right, well whenever you see 'em, just let 'em all know that I'm gonna cut 'em all in half with my laser blade, mkay?"

The beast responded by opening its mouth and roaring in a high-pitched tone, causing the ground to shake a bit as the monster's voluminous cry could be heard miles away. The lizard smirked as he reached down and grabbed his laser blade, which at first looked like nothing but an ordinary metal baton stick that was only four inches tall. On the side of the "stick," however, was a blue button. The lizard slowly pressed down on the button, and a giant beam of green laser-like energy erupted from the top of the cylindrical device. The lizard looked at the large green energy as it pulsated and hummed gently, shortly before he twirled the sword around and glared at the monster.

"C'mon, let's get on with it. I'll stand here and gloat—"

The monster roared again as it charged towards the lizard, foaming at the mouth and flapping all six of its wings. The lizard swore as he felt his heart beating fast, knowing full-well that the wrong mistake would end with him back in the hospital, or in a coma for another three months. The lizard gripped the sword tightly, panting and waiting until the monster's head was only a mere yard away from his body. And then the lizard dove forward, his body sliding just beneath the monster's large frame. Before the beast had time to realize that the lizard was underneath him, the lizard rolled onto his back and held up his laser sword. He gritted his teeth and watched as the sword pierced through the monster's scaly hide with ease, the blade popping and squelching as it dug into the monster's flesh. The further the beast ran, the longer its wound grew around its underbelly. The lizard laughed as the monster's bodily organs gradually began to spill out of the wound, the huge, puffy, eerily-shaped organs plopping on the ground with meaty squelches. By the time the lizard reached the serpent's tail, the monster was already done for.

The lizard waited until the serpent's tail was past him before he grunted and stood back up. The monster snarled and turned back around, glaring at the armor-cladded lizard with fury in its eyes. But then the lizard gazed at the trail of bloody organs festering on the ground and shook his head. He held his laser sword in his right hand, then grinned as he used his left hand to point at the ground. The monster roared again and stomped towards the lizard twice. The lizard pointed down at the ground two more times, waiting for the inevitable. The serpent, meanwhile, tried to take a third step, but its legs began to give out. After a brief moment, the monster gurgled and whined. And then it listed over and collapsed on its side with its tongue hanging out. The lizard knew it wouldn't get up again.

"And let me guess: this is the part where five or ten more of those same beasts—aaaaaannnnnnnd right on cue," the lizard murmured.

The lizard looked up into the dark sky and saw five more winged serpents gunning for him, all of them gray-scaled and the same size as the one he killed. The lizard twirled his laser blade around a few more times, listening to the weapon humming each time the blade cut through the air. He spread his legs apart and gripped the blade with both hands, ready to take on the oversized monsters. The first one lunged right for the lizard, opening up its toes like a hawk ready to snatch a rodent off the ground. The lizard shouted as he swung his blade upwards, slicing right through the feet and cutting off some of the serpent's toes. It howled in agony and collapsed to the ground, seconds before two more serpents landed beside the reptile. The lizard didn't take any chances with them. He sprinted towards one of the serpents on his left and yelled as he leaped into the air, just as the monster roared at him. The lizard jumped just high enough to thrust his sword right into the beast's nasal cavity, causing the laser blade to emit a meaty squelch as it penetrated meat and bone.

The winged serpent howled and shook its head until the lizard flew off, shouting as he soared through the air and plummeted down on a hard rock. The lizard's entire body rattled as his armor clanged against the rock, immediately delivering a hard blow to his back. The lizard looked around inside his helmet as the suit's automated voice spoke to him.

"Armor capacity: ninety-seven percent. Body capacity: one hundred percent."

"Oh, c'mon! I fell on a fucking rock!" the lizard shouted.

The lizard snarled and ignored his current damage when the same serpent with a damaged nasal cavity approached him again. This time around, the serpent was charging towards him like a bull, stomping on the ground as quickly as it could and using its bulbous head as a battering ram. Even the lizard knew he couldn't attack the serpent head on, so he turned around and sprinted away. He ran as far as he could until he reached a giant boulder around the same size as the monster's head. He leapt on top of it and turned around, just as the serpent ran straight into the oversized rocky formation. The winged beast shouted in pain as its cranium cracked the rock, giving the lizard enough time to jump on its nape. With no hesitation, the lizard plunged his laser blade deep into the monster's skull, knowing full well that he punctured the brain. He hopped off the serpent's body as it roared for its final time before the three winged beasts that were still uninjured attacked him. Two of them were charging at him like bulls; the third one was drooling as it flew down and opened up its toes to grab him.

"C'mon, Lizvin. Head or feet?"

Lizvin looked at the duo charging towards him, then back up at the serpent with its feet splayed. Panting heavily, Lizvin shouted as he jumped up to reach the flying serpent's left foot. The serpent predicted this, and immediately jerked its legs upwards so Lizvin would miss. The lizard swore noisily, just as one of the charging beasts opened up its mouth. And grabbed onto Lizvin's legs. The lizard yelped as he felt the sharp yellow teeth digging into his armor. Moments later, the serpent opened its mouth again and swallowed a portion of Lizvin's body so that only his upper half was still showing. The lizard howled in agony as the serpent began to bite down, its powerful jaws bending the armor and piercing through the metal. Lizvin could actually feel the teeth nearly puncturing his bare flesh. Panicked, Lizvin reached up and slashed at the serpent's snout several times, listening to the sword hacking away at the scales and leaving various scars. The beast eventually let go of Lizvin, dropping his body in a pool of saliva as it backed away.

"Armor capacity: sixty percent. Body capacity: ninety percent."

Lizvin huffed as he weakly stood up, his armor dented from the teeth and coated in spit. Just as Lizvin was beginning to recover, one of the remaining serpents charged at him again. Knowing he couldn't take any further risks, Lizvin shouted as he threw his laser sword at the beast. But the metallic cylinder was what collided with the skull, not the blade itself. It bounced right off the creature's skull and plopped on the ground in the distance.


Weaponless, Lizvin resorted to his only strategy: running away. He turned and sprinted as fast as his legs would take him—which wasn't helped by the fact he was wearing armor. Lizvin didn't look back, even as he heard two different creatures snarling and biting at the air, desperate to feed on his flesh. He could hear them panting and could feel gusts of air blowing against the back of his armor. Still panting and now sweating, Lizvin led the serpents around in a circle, guiding them back to his sword on the ground. Lizvin crouched and swiped it back up, then yelped as he dove to his right and landed inside of a ditch. The two serpents continued to run away, while the beast with the injured nasal cavity approached him again. Judging by how weak it sounded, Lizvin could tell that he damaged it more than he anticipated. Taking no time, Lizvin ran up to the serpent's head as it weakly tried to open its mouth. But the lizard slashed at its jaw, and then ran underneath it and cut through the monster's left leg. Roaring, the monster flailed its head around and landed on its belly, giving Lizvin enough time to run up to the beast's skull so he could plant his sword into its cranium.

There were only three more—one of which was injured and couldn't walk. Lizvin spotted one of the beasts that was missing a few toes and was pathetically attempting to run towards him, only to trip and fall all over itself within a few steps. Seeing no point in leaving the creature alive, Lizvin sprinted towards it, just as the monster opened its mouth, snarling as it attempted to consume the lizard's body. But the beast wasn't even standing, and apparently it wasn't smart enough to use its wings. Lizvin effortlessly slashed the monster across the face several times, cutting through all the flesh until he could see part of the bone. As the monster roared in pain, Lizvin jammed his laser sword into the beast's skull diagonally, tearing through the bone and scrambling the beast's brains. He was just about to turn around when one of the remaining two serpents swooped down and grabbed him with its feet. Frantic, Lizvin shouted as the monster started to take off, ascending several feet into the air with no difficulty. Lizvin looked down at the ground and spotted the other serpent heading towards them, roaring and beating its wings. The two of them were about to tear him apart in mid-air.

With no other option, Lizvin reached up and shouted as he sliced his laser sword horizontally, cutting through the creature's right leg. Lizvin screamed as he began to fall, with the serpent's toes still gripping his body. He struggled to pry the toes open as he fell, even breaking the bones just so he could get free. But just as he got free, Lizvin glanced down and saw his body plummeting to a gaping maw full of saliva and ghastly-looking teeth. There was nothing Lizvin could do to avoid it. The serpent swallowed Lizvin whole and closed its mouth. The beast swallowed with a thick gulp and started to descend. Lizvin, meanwhile, descended as well, but he refused to perish—especially like this. As his body traveled through the esophagus, Lizvin thrust his blade forward, allowing the laser to penetrate the gullet from the inside. The further down he moved, the larger the wound became, up to a point where a large, red incision could be seen traveling down the serpent's throat from the outside. Lizvin grunted as he felt the fluids soaking around his armor, moments before he jerked his body horizontally, forcing himself to get caught within the esophagus.


He made sure to press his metal boots against one side of the esophagus, while his head was jammed against the other side. There was no way the beast could swallow him in this position, and the serpent knew it. As it stood on the ground, it hacked and retched repeatedly, trying its hardest to remove the obstruction from its throat. After enough effort, the monster opened its mouth wide and vomited all over the ground, releasing gallons of acid, bile, and half-digested chunks of raw flesh. As the serpent vomited, Lizvin came out the mouth as well, grunting as he plopped down into the puddle of bile coated in foul-smelling fluids. Lizvin groaned with disgust as he slowly got back to his feet, still clutching his laser sword as the fluids dripped from his armor.

"Armor capacity: fifty-five percent and dropping."

"Shit," Lizvin murmured.

He could hear the stomach acids hissing gently as they ate away at his armor. The lizard looked at the serpent that just vomited him back out and could tell that it was already dead. The incision in its gullet was far too deep for it to keep fighting. The last serpent, however, was still in the sky, albeit flying around with only one foot. It roared as it swooped down. Injured and knowing that it had a full meal all to itself, the winged serpent moved even faster than ever, ready to engulf the reptile's body whole. Lizvin, meanwhile, opened up the panel on his left arm, revealing four separate valve handles. The lizard quickly turned the greenish-yellow handle until he heard a small click. Seconds later, his armor began to hiss noisily, and Lizvin exhaled.

"Acidic corrosion detected. Repelling."

Lizvin slowly backed away as the suit continued to fight off the stomach acids eating away at his armor. The lizard looked back up into the sky and could see the final serpent swooping down at him again, its mouth wide open. Lizvin kept backing away, panting deeply as he looked around for anything he could use to kill the final serpent. Lizvin turned around and spotted the dying serpent lazily lumbering towards him. He panted deeply as both creatures got closer and closer, only yards away from one another. Knowing how fast and dim-witted the beasts were, Lizvin shouted as he threw himself to the right and rolled along the ground. The flying serpent crashed into the serpent with a massive hole in its throat, and both of them created a series of thudding noises as they rolled around the ground. Lizvin panted as he gazed at both beasts. One of them wasn't moving anymore, while the other one somehow found itself lying underneath the other one's body. Still not taking chances, Lizvin sprinted for both serpents and was relieved to see that the serpent with only one leg was lying beneath the dead beast. Then Lizvin looked down at his armor and noticed that it finished eradicating all of the stomach acid.

There was nothing left to do but kill the beast. Tired and running out of adrenaline, Lizvin limped his way over to the giant winged serpent still struggling to free itself from underneath the dead beast. It saw the lizard coming towards it and snapped at him multiple times, although Lizvin knew the creature was defenseless at this point. When he walked over to the serpent, he nonchalantly swiped his laser blade against the monster's face, burning through its eyes and blinding the beast. It started to howl and thrash its body around, emitting saliva from its massive maw as small traces of steam rose from the burn marks on the beast's face. Then Lizvin thrust the laser down into the skull, ending its voice forever. As soon as Lizvin shut off the laser blade's power, he gazed at the two dead beasts and backed away as blood began to ooze down the creature's face.

"Enemies eliminated. Tournament complete. Requesting transport vehicle to the GDF."

"Oh boy. I get to go back to not having freedom? Joy," Lizvin said snidely.

The lizard exhaled as he sat down on the ground, not bothering to find a decent spot for the spaceship to land. They'd find him anywhere, especially with the tracker placed within his armor. And sure enough, one of the ships that were hovering around the planet's atmosphere arrived at Lizvin's location in only a matter of minutes. Lizvin stood up and looked at the dark sky, staring at the rectangular spacecraft that had various lights attached to the end of the vehicle. Two thin wings were attached to the left and right side of the ship, and the vehicle's engine rumbled noisily. Lizvin could see the three thrusters at the rear of the ship were releasing flames into the air hot enough to set any form of flesh ablaze. When Lizvin looked underneath the ship, he spotted the circular portion of the ship hiss as it opened up on its own. Seconds later, a yellow beam shot out from the ship and engulfed Lizvin. The lizard yelped as the ship used its tractor beam to suck Lizvin up into the air. Once Lizvin was inside the ship, he hovered in mid-air for a moment while the ship closed its circular door. The tractor beam shut off, and Lizvin landed on the metal floor.

"Gladiator's onboard," said one of the occupants. "We're clear."

Lizvin took a few deep breaths as he looked around the cramped spaceship. Nothing remarkable was inside of it except for a few seats, along with the cockpit that the pilot and co-pilot were seated in. The lizard grunted as he reached up and activated a small button on his helmet. It popped upwards slowly, and Lizvin grunted as he took off the heavy headset and exhaled with relief, happy to smell fresh air. And then he scrunched up his face as he plugged his snout.

"The fuck is that?! One a' you guards cut one in here again?"

All of the guards were wearing black gasmasks, so none of them could smell the bitter stench creeping into Lizvin's nostrils. Eventually, one of the guards pointed at the lizard's armor and blinked.

"You're covered in serpent bile, dumbass," he answered, his breath muffled beneath the gasmask.

Lizvin looked down at his armor and blinked. Then he saw the vomit that was dripping from his armor and immediately put his helmet back on. Groaning, Lizvin took his seat next to one of the guards and exhaled. As always, most of the guards wore red armor from their chest down, although Lizvin could tell by the lack of boots and the furry footpaws that some of the guards were anthros. After sitting, the guard beside Lizvin reached over and pulled down the metal over-the-shoulder restraints. Once they snapped in place, the guard banged his fist against the wall twice, and the pilot resumed traveling through space. Lizvin relaxed and let his heartbeat slow down as he felt the ship rumbling and flying into outer space, heading back towards the GDF. For a brief moment, Lizvin thought about complaining about his current situation, about how he still had several months left until he was finally free of the confounded collar wrapped around his throat. If anything, he was tempted to start aggravating the guard beside him just to see how he'd respond. But between the wounds he suffered and all the energy he exerted, all Lizvin wanted to do was sleep.

The lizard leaned back in his seat and slowly shut his eyes. A mere three minutes later, he was snoring.