Leprechauns Tell No Tales

By Caleb Ryan

Leprechauns tell no tales
And neither, too, shall I.
Instead I'll sing to you
This Irish lullaby.

Hear my voice soft and low,
weaving hypnotic prose;
Feel its spell caressing you
From your head to your toes.

Feel it tug at your eyelids,
And tucking them to bed;
It won't be long after
'Til you follow in their stead.

You are safe and warm here,
God will protect you from harm;
Yes, even from the banshee,
You're hidden safe in His arms.

Now journey onward there
To the hidden realm of dreams,
'Twill be there you'll find rest
In God's presence by the streams.

As my sleepsong lulls you still,
Its magic grows more hale,
And this is the reason why
Leprechauns tell no tales.

Author's Note: Top o' the mornin' to ya! Welcome to the first of my Irish Lullabies. I hope that you enjoy it. I've written this for a poetry contest where the first line had to be "Leprechauns tell no tales," and it also had to not be above 25 lines. It was difficult because I rarely wrote lullabies below 25. So this was a challenge. Plus, I also struggled as to where to go about this that would be original and different from other contestants.

Anyway, I wrote this in the POV of two characters - yes, maybe even three. A parent. A leprechaun. And Death personified. I leave it up to you, my readers, to decide which is singing the lullaby. ;-)

Stay Starry!

- Caleb Ryan (Sunshine Boy)