I've come so far

Too far to give up now

I've done so much

Look at all I've done

I used to be the last one

Or not at all

I let fear run my life

Because I was afraid to fall

Now I've done so much it's hard to see

Just how bad off I used to be

People see me smiling and laughing to myself

I even get asked

"How are you so happy now?"

It's because I push myself

Even if I think I'll fail

'Cause there's always a chance I'll win

Even if that chance is small

And in the end if I fall,

I'll just get back up again

Because I know I won't let this fail

Ruin my chances for a win

I used to let fear run my life

But now I run my life instead,

And I know I'll always fear,

But I'll always try to win

And I know I'll always fear,

But I will always Endure