This Story take place 2 weeks after the movie The Sealed Cards.

Sakura Kinomoto use her Bubbles Card to clean her room. While she her Bubbles card to clean her room, she see a golden ring.

"A Golden ring. How it get here ?" She wondered as she grab it. Her eyes went white while she grab it, one of the lost memories start to flowing through her. She remember that she was kidnapped by the man who look like an egg when she was 6 into his ship, the lost memories flashed again image when she fall down from the spaceship was destroyed. She see someone dived from the spaceship and threw his hands out and tries to grab her. The wierd thing it was not a human, it was a hedgehog. He reach his hand to her.

"Sakura-chan!" The hedgehog yelled for her name

Sakura suddenly wake up and back to the reality after she dropped the golden ring to her bed

"Sakura-chan. Is something wrong with you?" Keroberos her guardian asked in worried.

"Oh nothing really, Kero-Chan" She lied. Kero sighed as he know something wrong aboit her

"Alright if you say so" Kero said as he fly out of her room. After Kero left she is womdering who that person that tries to save her from falling to the ground

"I wonder who is he?" Sakura wondered

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