Welcome to Heaven City. Five years ago, this place was had one of the world's best markets. That was until everything started going downhill. Half the city flooded and the rest was evacuated or died due to horrible storms. The last storm was two years ago. There was ten survivors who managed to escape into small rooms in the sewers. One by one they all disappeared. The deaths got more and more mysterious. Nowadays, the only residents living there are me and my dad. That was until...it showed up. The population never changed, it had always been ten...

"Caesar. CAESAR! WAKE UP OR THE FOOD IS GONNA ROT!" Casper White called his young son from the bottom room that had been transformed into a living room. The son, Caesar White, climbed down the ladder wearing his usual beige tank top, dark blue jean jacket and black jeans. His gingery brown hair was messy and his sky blue eyes lay above dark semi-circles. He sat on the floor beside the coffee table and scoffed down the two boiled potatoes that were prepared for him by his father for breakfast. When finished, Caesar placed his plate in the sink and grabbed a dirty grey satchel from beside the door.

There wasn't much in Heaven City. Every business had closed after the storms. This gave Caesar his "career" of scavenging the city for things for his father to hopefully use in the machine that he was building in order to find a new city to escape to and get there safely. Casper wanted to be the scientist that invented teleportation and his son was his worker that gathered all the equipment and returned it to him.

Caesar had found a new alleyway beside an old convenience store and was beginning to dig there. He opened garbage bags and threw them away if there wasn't any equipment that looked useful. This alleyway was certainly suspicious. There was an open fuse box that definitely hadn't been touched in years but seemed to be unaffected by the storms that happened. Sparks flew from the fuse box and illuminated a suspicious piece of clothing.

It wasn't unusual for there to be clothes lying around in the junkyards and alleyways. The average Heaven City resident spent $15,000 on clothes each year which caused the constantly blooming fashion market. There was something off around the piece of clothing. Every time that Caesar tugged at the black jean jacket, it didn't budge. He pulled at it with all his strength but there wasn't just the jacket. He pulled sleeve of the jacket out to reveal an arm.

He touched the hand at the end of the arm. It was cold and seemed to be that of a deceased person. Caesar was about to continue his search for something useful when a head emerged from underneath a pile of garbage bag. The face was unfamiliar to Caesar but he did find the person beautiful. The person had a half-shaven, spiked, blonde hair and their eyes eye closed. Their eyes suddenly opened to reveal two narrow green eyes. Caesar felt his heart beating in his chest. The person looked around then spoke.

"Where am I? Last thing I remember was trying to get the lights in the convenience store to work and now I'm here...in a bunch of garbage?" the person said. Caesar debated his reply. Should he ask for their name? Or should he try to explain a possible reason for the person's cold body?

"I'm Caesar White. I was looking for something for my father when I found you lying here. I think you might have been electrocuted by that fuse box over there. Do you remember your name?" He asked while holding the person's hand tight. They didn't seem to have any troubles breathing or anything else that would cause their low body temperature.

"I'm Cipher...Cipher...I don't remember my last name. I...was electrocuted. It's all coming back to me. I died!" The person spoke. Caesar looked at Cipher in shock. Was he really talking to a ghost? He was about to help Cipher out of the garbage and take them home when he saw his father rolling towards him in his electric wheelchair.

Casper was calling out for help from Caesar. He parked the chair beside Caesar to show Caesar and Cipher a blue zombie slowly walking down the street. Caesar got frightened and sheltered his father as the zombie got closer and closer. It groaned for the two. There was a buzzing noise coming from were Cipher was and when Caesar looked up, there was a fried zombie on the ground. Casper and Caesar both looked at Cipher, then at the zombie, then back at Cipher.

There was an awkward silence between the trio before Cipher suddenly spoke the words "Laser eyes are cool!". Caesar stood up and looked Cipher in the eyes. Their eyes had remained green for the entire time that the zombie was after them. There was no sign of the laser or anything. As Cipher moved slightly in a lack of comfort, Caesar noticed the pattern in their eyes.

"Cipher...are you a robot?" Caesar asked. Cipher looked around, thinking about the possibility of that happening. They were confused about if they were a robot or not.

"Cipher, if that is your name, were you electrocuted?" Casper asked. Cipher nodded and Casper looked away.

"I found something out. The zombie, if familiar, you may have recognized as Jason Neon. He was quite the stubborn celebrity back in the day. He passed away after an animal transmitted a 'zombie virus' to him during a hunting trip. I believe those who died here after the storms have been transformed into something depending on what killed them. Let's find them and kill them if hostile. We'll keep Cipher by the way. Now come, we all have work to do." Casper explained before taking off in his wheelchair. He was shortly followed by Caesar and Cipher who were both wondering what Casper would have in store for them.