I walked into a bar. A bride was there. I knew she was a bride because she still wore her wedding gown-veil and shoes off! She sat alone on the left-hand side of the bar.

I walked over to her. "Excuse me, would you mind if I sit by you?"

"Sure! I'd like a little female companionship."

I went to the right of her. I sat down, slipped my shoes off, and ordered a beer."

"You also like to take your shoes off, at the bar?"

I smiled. "Honey, I take my shoes off whenever I can!"

We both giggled.

"My name is Jennifer Mason." I brought my hand out.

She shook it. "Janet Stevens. I was almost Janet Rogers!"

"I can see that!"

My beer came. I saluted. "Cheers."

"To freedom!"

We clicked our glasses and drank.

We talked small talk for a bit. I finished off my drink, and we ordered another round.

"OK, Janet: What's a nice bride like you doing at a bar like this?"

"Tha's a good question!" She looked at her watch. "I should be gettin' married, about now!"

"Cold feet?"

She wiggled her toes. "Naw, my feet are quite warm, right now! Actually, I was intendin' to get married-I really was. But then, I decided that I'd rather have my freedom. A girl has a right to change her mind, doesn't she?"

"Of course, honey!"

"Thank you! Here, look at this."

She showed me her wedding ring. It was a 1 caret diamond.


"How much would'ja say it's worth?"

"Oh, $2-3000."

"I'm gonna hock it, and some other jewelry he gave me. Then I'm going to parts unknown!"

"You go, girl!"

We ordered another round.

"Listin, honey: Would you like to spend a few days with me? My apartment is close to here."

"Tha's a great idea! Then maybe you can go with me, when I decide to leave."

I smiled. "Sounds exciting, honey!"

We paid our tabs, put our shoes on, and left the bar.

We walked a couple blocks. I took her to a quiet park.

"Where's your apartment?"

"There is no apartment, honey!"


"Let me more properly introduce myself: My name is Barefoot Jenny, and I'm a private eye."

"Pleased to meet you!"

"You won't be! You see, your fiancee Paul got wind of the fact that you walked out of an earlier wedding. So he hired me to make sure you attend this one. And that's just what I intend to do!"

She tried to run, but because she was drunk, I quickly subdued her. And fortunately, I brought a pair of handcuffs!

The church was pretty close to there. I got her there 1/2 hour late.

Unfortunately, the ceremony didn't go through. However, she reluctantly gave Paul back the jewelry and some of the gifts.

One of them was a beautiful $300 necklace; this he gave me as payment. I still wear it!