What would I have said,

If I sat facing that mirror?

I lied, sweetheart, I did.

The reflection is more real than I ever was.

There's red in both our veins

Mine, for every time I carved myself out of lies

And yours, for every drop of truth that dripped

Into you, from my wounds

Every smile I wear on my face

Seems like a borrowed tear from your eyes

Every word I swallowed in my throat

Is every breath that keeps you alive

Every time there's a crack in my fa├žade

Is all the glimpse you get at the world I hide you from

All those times you've fought

To tear the mask off from my shell

Not realizing the paint that I've smeared on you

Cements me

Maybe even blood can't wash it away

Drink my tears and sate your thirst

And I'll be the barren field you watered

Hoping I would be the flower garden the world wants

When acid drips into my tongue

I will let you take my heart

So you burn, along with all the bridges you built

And I can pretend that storms are spring breezes

But you are strong, you are

You learned to survive in the heart of an inferno

And papercuts bleed me dry.

I should have known, after all

All those cracks, your escape attempts

You seep through, bit by bit

I'm shattered glass, the second they all connect

And you are sunlit mosaic.

My heart is seared with yours now

My embers fuel your sparks

And my sea of tears cocoons you

From the very world that birthed me

But you can't kill me darling, I've tried

I'm rotten, festering pestilence

And you are the only thing that can save us.

Free yourself, so when you look at that mirror

The smile should no longer be mine

And maybe one day, I'm a scar you wear proudly

Your warpaint

Instead of the mask of lies

Forced to masquerade as you.