Splashes of red

litter the floor

You gaze in

wonderment as

they fall




Down, down, down

Drifting elegantly

free-falling to the

smooth tiles.

Fingers run over the delicate

stem, hardly noticing

as drop after

drop of scarlet

blood fall from your finger-tips

and spark painful

yet irresistible


Feeling are trivial matters.

They damage hearts

and fuel flowing

rivers of blood and salty tears

you contemplate placidly,

soft hands still

running over those sharp,

wonderful thorns.

The rose smells intoxicating

in your blood-stained

hands and maybe, you consider,

in a way,

it is.

A smile comes to your face

as you grip the rose

tighter, a frozen expression of

silent grief, thorns

gouging deeper, deeper

until you can no

longer see the sink for blood.

Tears roll down your cheeks

unbidden, uncontrollable

as you open your mouth

and swallow the pills firmly.

As the numb feeling

takes over your body, you

allow yourself one last

tortured glance at your broken

reflection, a grim, manic

grin stretched from ear to


Then everything goes


You know, it's amazing,

how the world has its

ways of destroying things,

beautiful things

things that had no business being destroyed.

How you can no longer

see, though you still

have eyes, no longer hear the

pained screams of your precious,

loving sister as she finds

your fallen body

on the bathroom floor,

your hair spread around

your head like a halo, your arms

outstretched as though you

are ready to

take off and fly.

Can't hear how she remarks, through

a shaking voice

in her eulogy,

how in that moment,

you looked exactly like an angel.

She would've liked that,

your sister cries.

And you smile gently,

Caged and trapped no more.

Free- free to fly

for all eternity in the ever-changing,

ever-swirling mist of

the universe.

Don't worry sis.

She loves it.

What you think?

-Z xx