A rose of desert

a girl with a dark shadow mask as painted with her fingers

lightly around her eyes

a haze of her painting ink

bare skin

wearing a perfume

she has made it up


with a formula she found out as lost on all the notes left behind from this monk

he was fallen for ancient scripts and formulas of nature

seeking algorithm spells masked in vessels, colors, shapes

they wrap her up


in front of this encounter

this man

not to entice

it is not to be erotic

poet narcissus

nature origin

inner play


of these two elements

a scent ornament combined with dark material as flowing color breeze

out of her fingers

come out


for no apparent reason sprung deep

need to create as written on some ritual

simple as chosen

the only choice

in case suppressed she would suffer

a frost

a whisper of black color voice

a burdened self

had to simply let them come out

if she didn't

they would take over

one day

they would drag her

she would be distorted.