"Imagi… Imagi…! … WAKE UP DAMMIT."

"Ah Sol in heaven!" A man cried, jumping up… And banging his head on the low ceiling, causing him to swear in pain. "The hell Phoenix, can't I get some rest?" He asked angrily to… Well, seemingly no one. The small metal room he was in had one window, a door that was slightly ajar, the mattress he was sleeping on, and a small mirror hanging on the wall. Also of note was the conspicuous lack of literally anyone besides the man named Imagi. That was because, well, Phoenix was kinda in his brain.

"We're almost at Azzis, we need to get up."

"Phoenix you said that yesterday and made me look like a dumbass when I nearly jumped off the ship, I'm waiting for the captain to tell me that we're near Azzis." Imagi grumbled something else to himself as he got up and looked at himself in the dirty and cracked mirror. Yep, still him. Blue eyes, brown hair, bit of scruff, who else could he be other than one Imagus Renzo Proxi, known in some circles as Imagi, and in others as 'Asshole.' One circle called him Big Sexy, which, while flattering, was still weird. Regardless, Imagi dusted off his clothes, put on a parka he had hanging from a hook on the wall, and headed outside.

"Oi old man, how much longer until Azzis?" Imagi asked as he stepped onto the deck of the small boat he currently resided on. Said boat was being piloted by a grizzled old man, who was about six feet and looked like half of it was made of sea bilge. That was probably due in fact to his lower half being entirely covered in fish scales, although you couldn't really tell unless you looked at his bare webbed feet.

"'Comin' up on it now." The man grunted. "Y'know, you never told me why you want to go to Azzis."

"And I told you it was for personal reasons." Imagi grunted back, taking a seat on one of the chairs bolted to the deck.

Azzis, the Fairy Country. A country the size of South America that infuses magic into every single aspect of daily life. Home to a variety of races, it's the most diverse country in the world!

"Yeah yeah and usually when people tell me that I end up getting caught up in a criminal investigation…" The man muttered under his breath, gripping the wheel and giving it a turn, causing the boat to lurch to the left. "Ah, there she is." He said, pointing out to the horizon. Sure enough, land could be seen. It seemed to be a port, with a rather large city just beyond it. "That's Zemdianas, capital of Azzis. That work for you?"

"Yeah, it'll be fine." Imagi replied, staring out to the city. Hopefully I can get away from everything there… He thought to himself.

We now cut away from Imagi as he makes landfall to turn our attention further into Zemdianas. Now, the country of Azzis is one with a monarchy. That monarchy is ruled by the Fairy Queen, who resides in Vernier Palace.

Running down said halls was a servant, a young lady who had what looked like bat wings and a small tail with a pointed end, along with slightly curved black horns.

Demons. One of the many races in Azzis, they're distinguished in appearance by their horns, wings, and tail. They're known for having incredible strength, with children being able to lift adults twice their size, and adults being able to toss cars with ease.

The lady rounded the corner, and entered a rather ornate hallway, with soft green carpeting that would remind one of moss. In said hallway was only one set of doors at the very end of it, which she rushed to and knocked on. "Lady Ceres! Its time to awaken!"

"Mmm… Alright, alright, I'm up Tera, I'm up…" A sleepy voice mumbled from inside. "What's my agenda for today again?"

Tera sighed, before pulling out a pad and opening up a list. "You have dinner with some of the Great Ministers later today…"

The Great Ministers. Each race in Azzis selects one person to represent themselves in front of the Fairy Queen, and this person becomes known as the Great Minister of that race.

"But before that, you need to go to Maja Square and go pick up that dress you had made. Vitria is already waiting with your car."

"Well then." The door slowly opened, and out stepped a woman in a rather simple white dress, with dark brown hair and green eyes, and a crown of silver and emerald resting on her head. "I suppose I should go to the garage then, hm?" Ceres asked.

"Yes ma'am, right this way."

"See ya old man, thanks for the ride." Imagi said, stepping onto the pier.

"I told you, the name's Neres." The Old Man replied, tying his boat to the nearest post. "You be safe out there kid, world's a dangerous place."

"Yeah yeah…" Imagi replied, walking down the pier into the port city. As he did, Neres turned on the radio to listen to some music.

"-ing breaking news." The news broadcaster begin, having probably interrupted the regular station. Neres looked up a bit in confusion as the broadcaster continued, saying "The Melian Government has posted a new bounty today…"

Melia, the Urban Country. Melia is one massive city spread out across an entire continent, with little land not covered in buildings and roads. It is populated by Segoians, and led by President Lucivan Meja.

"Another one? They post those damn things all the time, why would they interrupt the radio for that?"

"Of note, one man is wanted for terrorism, murder, and arson. Imagus Proxi, worth three million dollars, was last scene at the port of…"

"... Wha…?" Neres asked, looking back to where Imagi had just left. "Who… What did I just bring to Azzis?"

Chapter One: A New Story, end.