The dragon was, for lack of a better term, fucking gigantic. The thing would've made a tank look like a chew toy. It had red and black scales, blank orange eyes, and a mane of bone-white tendrils coming out of the back of its head, along with gigantic bull horns tipped with black. It had six black wings, a blade for a tail tip, and looked like it wanted to eat everyone here and then go murder some goats.

Hellfire Dragons, the World's Scourge. Hellfire Dragons are insanely powerful beings, and easily a contender for one of the strongest species in the entire world. They breath a special black and orange flame that causes burns that never stop causing pain.

"So… What do we do about that?" Imagi asked, raising his hands. Although whether or not he was gonna be able to make a dent in that thing was beyond him.

Chemist, on the other hand, was wishing he had brought his brown pants. Sure, he knew dragons lived in the Fairy Forest, but he didn't expect to meet one up close like this! "... Alright, it's just some big lizard, its gotta-" Chemist never finished that thought, as the dragon simply swatted him away like a fly into a nearby tree.

"... Yeah I think we run." Vitria remarked. Imagi nodded in agreement, and both of them turned to book it down the path and away from the dragon, when said dragon jumped over them and landed on the path, blocking. "Why the crap is he angry at us, anyway?! We didn't do anything to him!" Vitria asked.

"I don't know, but he's not letting us go without a fight." Imagi replied, successfully igniting his hands this time. "You take the back, I'll distract him!" Imagi shouted, firing a blast of flame at the the dragon's face to anger it. He succeeded, as the dragon angrily roared at Imagi and started stomping at him.

"What now?!" Phoenix asked.

"... Not gonna lie, I didn't think this far ahead." Imagi admitted, turning around to run despite Phoenix's angry "WHAT."

Vitria, meanwhile, had managed to sneak around the dragon and charged up an atomic blast that she fired at its back, only for it to just kinda fizzle against the thing's scales. How in Tatros- Vitria jumped back to avoid being smacked by the dragon's tail, trying to figure out what to do next. Sure, she'd taken the classes on what to do in case of a dragon attack, but she didn't think "Run and hope the Royal Guard handles it" would work here. She ran back over to Imagi, and asked "Hey, Imagi, how good are you with your flames?"

"Uhh… Could be better, why?"

"Well, if what I remember about dragons are correct… Than this one should have a soft underbelly, meaning if we can get you underneath, you should be able to burn a hole right in it."

"Me? Get underneath that?!" Imagi asked, gesturing at the angry dragon stomping towards them, fire blast at the ready.

"I'll stun him!" Vitria replied, running at the dragon and charging atomic energy into her gauntlets. "Geiger…" She then leaped into the air and clapped her hands together. "FLASH!" She shouted, a massive version of a stun grenade going off in front of her from her hands, the dragon roaring in pain and rearing back to shield itself from the light. "Imagi, now!"

Imagi swore under his breath as he flew at the dragon, saying "Okay Phoenix, give me all the fire you've got."

"Aye." Phoenix replied, Imagi's hands swelling with fire as he landed in front of the dragon. He placed his hands in front of him and concentrated all the fire into a single orb.

"Imaaaaaagiiiii…" He then fired all the fire he could muster straight into the dragon's belly. "CANNON!" The practically-a-laser of fire did the trick, piercing the dragon's soft underbelly and cooking its insides. The dragon than fell over, and Imagi went over to make sure it was dead, charging some more fire just in case.

The Dragon, as it was, was currently coughing up smoke as it died. It rolled one of its glassy orange eyes toward Imagi, before dissipating into smoke… Which then flowed over Imagi, swirling around and then into him. "Shit- Phoenix, it's happening again!"

Soul Merge. Souls function similarly to electrical currents. When they leave a body, they will take the path of least resistance, which is usually straight to wherever people go when they die. But sometimes, a Soul will think that another body is the easier path, and go to it instead. Unfortunately, most bodies can't handle more than one soul, causing the body to… explode, for lack of a better term. Imagi, however, is the exception to this, thanks to Survivor.

"Well hold on, because we don't know if-" Phoenix was cut off by the sudden angry voice flooding Imagi's mind, slinging curses and insults at the man like they were going out of style.


"Whoa whoa whoa who in Tatros are you?!" Phoenix asked.

"I'm the fucking dragon you dumbass, and I- Wait, why am I still here. Shouldn't I be dead?"

"... Okay, I know this is going to be a lot to process, but you're trapped in the mind of that blue man."

For a second, Imagi couldn't hear anything, and then all he could hear was the dragon yelling in anger. It was so loud he barely heard Vitria asking if he was alright. "WHAT- Oh, sorry, yeah I'm fine."

"You sure?" Vitria asked, looking at Imagi. He looked fine, but the fact the dragon turned into smoke worried her. Dragons didn't normally do that… Well, she'd have to worry about it later, they'd wasted too much time on this. "Well, if you're fine, then come on, we have to go rescue the queen." Imagi nodded, and the two headed down the path from before.

"So your name is Savagrey?" Phoenix asked.

"You got a problem with it?" Savagrey grunted.

"No, just… Not what I expected a dragon to be named. I was expecting something more like… Erazor!"

"... No. That's stupid."

Both of you shut it! Imagi shouted mentally, ducking deeper into the bush he and Vitria were hiding in. They had found the base of operations for the group that had kidnapped Ceres at last. At least, they assumed they had, unless someone else had use a gigantic plate of metal to cover a cave entrance. "So, Vitria, what's the plan?"

"Well, that's the thing. This place probably only has one entrance, and it's the front one, so we can't just sneak in and take back Lady Ceres. But a fight… Well, in the chaos they may run off with her as well." Assuming they haven't already taken her off the country… Vitria thought glumly.

"Well… Let's go knock then." Imagi replied, standing up and striding over to the entrance. The entrance, as it were, was a big metal door cut out of the wall and given a basic locking mechanism. Imagi's response was to see if he could kick the door down, and before anyone could tell him that was a bad idea, he slammed his foot into the door… And it crumpled like tinfoil, blasting off its hinges and slamming into a group of people in the room.

"... Imagi where did you get super strength."

"Uh…" Imagi tried to think of how he could've gotten it, before snapping his fingers. "Ah! Savagrey must've given it to me when I absorbed his soul and stuff!"

"You can't take my strength, that's illegal!"

"You're a dragon, how do you know what laws even are?!"

"Because I can, bitch."

"THAT DOESN'T-" Phoenix sighed. "Just… Just go fight the people Imagi."

"Yeet." And with that battlecry, Imagi leapt into battle. Vitria quickly followed him in, wondering the same question Phoenix was.

"Imagi!" She shouted. "I'll go look for the queen, you fight them!" Imagi simply replied "GOTCHA!", which was either to her or the guy whose head he had just grabbed and tossed into the cave roof. Either way, she ran off.

"Alright, alright, now where would I put the queen if I were going to steal her…" Vitria muttered to herself as she searched the cave, knocking out anyone that came to try and stop her. She'd already searched the main cave where Imagi was, along with the two connecting tunnels, leaving only this tunnel. Her hair made everything have this green glow to it, illuminating her path, but she still hadn't seen anything yet. Vitria continued to run down the path… Passing by a dark red bat, who opened its eyes and flew off its perch, turning back into Animal, the shapeshifter who had been tailing Vitria and Ceres.. Animal than turned into a snake and lunged at Vitria's leg to presumably fill the Daemon with venom, but Vitria managed to hear the snake hiss and turned around, leaping back and firing an atomic blast at Animal. "You again." Vitria muttered, holding her gauntlets up in case she needed to fire another blast.

The snake was sent flying, and Animal changed back mid-flight, turning into her Segoian form and then her bat form, slowing down until she reached a stop and once again turned into her Segoian Form, landing on the ground. "And here I thought all that came down this way was rats… Although I can't quite tell the difference between you and a rat." Animal moved aside her cloak, revealing her arms, which were covered in various samples of animal skins. "Now, what best to exterminate this little rat…?" She ran her fingers down the various skins, before settling on one. "Perfect." She started shifting and morphing, before turning into a rather large version of a snake, with what looked like spines coming down its back, and twin heads.

Yagaras, the Twin Tongued. Yagaras are like bigger, meaner, nastier snakes. They can use the spikes at the ends of their tails like deadly clubs, or spit acidic saliva that can melt metal. The right head spits acid, the left spits venom. Yagaras are known for being an underground creature, and actually usually just hunts moles and such.

Animal reared back and spat a shot of acid from the right head, forcing Vitria to dodge a bit to the left and roll into the cave wall. Shit, its too tight to be dodging, I need to take her out now. The problem was, Yagaras were impossible to take down in caves, since they were natural diggers and all that. C'mon Vitria, think, there's gotta be something to exploit. She tried to think of everything she knew about Animal's Trait, before coming to a realization. That's it! She aimed her gauntlets upwards, and clapped her hands together, firing off another Geiger Flash Bang. Animal hissed at the sudden bright light, starting to shift back into her Segoian form.

"Why you-" She began, rubbing her eyes, but when she looked up again, Vitria was rocketing forward on atomic blasts towards her knee-first, and before Animal could transform into another animal, the knee slammed into her face, knocking her out. Once Vitria landed from her rocket burst, she continued down the cave entrance, hoping Imagi hadn't gotten too caught up in fighting those grunts.

Imagi kicked another goon in the face, finishing off the latest wave of goons and grunts to come at him. This felt great! He hadn't felt this good in so long, he was almost sad they had run out of guards. … Almost.

"Man, you sure did do a number on 'em!" A voice said behind Imagi, causing Imagi to whirl around to see who it was. It was… Well, it was kinda hard to tell. It seemed like the cloak he was issued was three sizes too big and kept Imagi from making out any details on him. "So, you're the one who gave Blood troubles eh? I would've expected Blood to turn someone like you into paste, but 'ere we are!"

"... Who are you, exactly?" Imagi asked, cocking his head to the side.

"Ah, right, right, introductions, how rude o' me. Name's Rifle. And y'see, the reason they call me that…" The cloak suddenly parted a bit, and the barrel of a gun came out of it, firing a round right at Imagi's forehead. "Is because I'm good at doing the shootin'."

?, Codename: Rifle! Trait: Marksmanship! He can aim any projectile at any target down to the millimeter, be it bullets from a gun, pellets from a slingshot, or even just a crumpled up piece of paper!

"Now, to go handle that-" Rifle began, only for Imagi to interrupt with a "Aggggh fUCK THAT HURTS." "What the-"

Imagi was currently holding his bleeding head in his hands, the bullet having crumpled against his forehead and landed on the cave floor. "What the fuck man?! At least warn me before you shoot me or something, agh!"

"... That should've pierced ya fuckin' skull, how are you-"

"My Trait man, it keeps me from dying or something, I dunno! Doesn't change the fact that that. Fuckin'. HURT." And with that, Imagi picked up a nearby person and chucked him at Rifle, sending both men flying. "Jackass." Imagi muttered.

Rifle slowly picked himself from the ground, pulling out his gun and reloading it. "Alright, there's gotta be a limit to that damn Trait." He muttered, aiming for a shot at Imagi's face. "Now-" Before Rifle could pull the trigger, Imagi was flying at him, having picked up two more random grunts and throwing them at Rifle, who was knocked down. When Rifle got up, Imagi was already there, slamming a fist into the other man's face. "Gah-"

"Stop trying to fucking shoot me!" Imagi shouted. "It's not gonna work, okay?!"

"Fat chance kid!" Rifle replied, pulling out a small gun to fire at Imagi with, only for the man to rear his fist back and ignite it in flames.

"IMAAAAAAGIIIIII…. KNUCKLE!" He than slammed the fist right into Rifle's stomach, and drove Rifle upwards and right into the roof of the cave. Imagi breathed a sigh of relief as he saw that he had apparently managed to embed Rifle into the cave roof. "Alright, no time to be running around, I've got to go help Vitria!"

Vitria had finally reached the end of the tunnel, and for her efforts, she was greeted… With a large steel door. She placed her fists against the door and fired off another atomic blast, blasting a hole in the door and revealing a struggling and bound Ceres trying to escape from Mummy, who was trying to put her in a van. "You!" Vitria shouted, jabbing a finger at Mummy. "Release the queen this instant and I'll only slightly make you pay!"

"You and what army?" Mummy replied, tossing Ceres into the back of the van and summoning bandages from her arms. Mummy raced at Vitria, forming the bandages on her arms into larger fists and throwing a punch. Vitria threw up her arms to block, but she didn't really need to, as Imagi came flying in behind her (literally), and also on fire, crashing head-first into Mummy and knocking her into a nearby wall. Imagi landed on the ground besides Vitria and extinguished his flames, allowing Vitria to see the bullet wound on his head. "Oh my Sol- Imagi, are you okay?!" She asked, checking the wound.

"Ack- Vit- Vitria, I'm fine, okay? Just bleeding, that's all!"

"You promise?"

"I promise! Now c'mon, let's get the Queen and get out of here." Vitria nodded and rushed over to the van, opening it and helping Ceres out, undoing the ropes and other such items binding her. "Are you alright Lady Ceres?"

"I'm much better after seeing you… And your friend…?" Ceres asked, pointing to Imagi.

"Hiya." Imagi greeted, waving.

"That's Imagi my lady. He was instrumental in helping me rescue you today." Vitria said, helping Ceres stand up.

"Ah, well, I suppose I have him to thank as well." Ceres replied, leaning against Vitria for support.

"We can worry about thanks later, how are we going to get out of here?" Imagi asked.

"What, you think I didn't call for backup?" Vitria replied. "They should be looking for us now, we just need to get out of this place. … In fact, how were they planning to drive out of here?" The place they were in seemed to have no exits or entrances save for the one Vitria came through, and that tunnel was too small for the van. "Imagi, search the walls. There has to be a button or something."

"Gotcha." Imagi replied, searching around. Eventually, he found a small red button hidden on one of the walls, and pressed it. Sure enough, a wall opened, revealing a large tunnel with light at the end, which Vitria immediately started helping Ceres through, Imagi taking care to watch out for anyone sneaking up behind them. And sure enough, the open air greeted them on the other side, the sun starting to set and turning the sky a bright orange. Vitria pulled out what looked like a small gem and crushed it, causing a rune to appear over the crushed remains. The rune hovered above the three for a second, before flying into the air and exploding. "And now… We wait." Vitria remarked, sitting down with Ceres.

Proxi, Chapter Four: Queen and Dragon, end.