Archazia III: The Test of Tatiana and Nadia

Note: The Tunguska Incident is an alleged UFO crash in Russia. Google it if you wish.

Event 1:

Gateway to Trizeria

Every four years, a person considered to be a Deity of Knowledge would be born in the kingdom of Trizeria. This person was supposed to answer questions, not ask them. To know all see all and experience all. One such person was a girl named Arena. She was believed to be the next Goddess of Knowledge. She didn't want to disappoint her people but after questing within she began to wonder if the real answer to life was to keep searching for the answer, and questing for it, no matter how tirin g it was. This concept she hoped to prove to her people. However, she didn't want to be revered, or viewed as better than everyone. She didn't even accept the teahings of her own people, and hardly considered herself a goddess. Arena liked her name, because she was proud of one thing, she was very good with a middle staff. Our story begins when Arena went to see the village fortune teller. And so there was Arena finding her way through the village, to the small mud hut on the left of the giant inspirational thought power inducing spore of spontaneity. Ashe she was on her way she encountered a young man who was training to be a better Earth Mage. She bumped into him by accident.

"Hello, my name is Zalbeck" said Zalbeck.

"Hi Zalbeck," said Arena. "Nice to meet ya not Sally not Amy not even Sabrina my name is Arena" she added.

"Hi Arena" said Zalbeck. They duked it out happily with middle staffs.

"You're cute!" said Zalbek. Arena blushed happily.

Onlookers were not happy with this however. The Queen of Knowledge was not to have a boyfriend.

"All hail the Queen of Knowledge," sang the Trizerians. Then they saw Zalbek. They tossed stones at Arena as she ran away.


"I just can't take this pressure," said Arena. She looked down below, hesitant but very determined.

She made the leap, holding what she believed to be a magical metal ball in her hands

"Aaaauuuuuuuh!" she screamed. Zalbek looked down feeling ashamed of himself that he failed to protect her.

Arena was the victim of a society obsessed with a perceived perfection that in reality was far from it.

To grow in knowledge most except all but a few need experience. Arena was denied this for she ironically knew too much about what she believed was really important in life.


Event 2: Russia

A large green truck made its way into Taiga Forest, Siberia Russia.

"This where you found them I take it?" asked Adrian Romanov, the driver.

"Yes. Indeed it is. There were seven of them here last I checked" said the strange muffled voice of the passenger.

"Oh, well we shouldn't search here" said Adrian.

"Why not?" asked the mysterious passenger.

"This is where Nadia lives. You know what the local legends are about her, correct?" asked Adrian.

"No, what are they?" asked the passenger.

"Nadia Petrolov is supposedly able to command the mountains, the weather, the very air we breathe. She is not

a force to be reckoned with" explained Adrian.

"Haha, Mr. Romanov you never cease to amuse me. My blood is boiling, oh you say there is this girl who commands

the elements, probably dances around in circles and makes cute little snow angels. I'm more afraid of the metal balls that fall from the sky than her" replied the passenger.

"Some say she is the cause of them" said Adrian.

"Next you'll tell me she caused the Tunguska Incident. She powerful eh? let's find out" said the passenger.

"If you insist," replied Adrian. "But don't say I didn't warn you. We may be dealing with the most powerful forces

in all of Russia" he added. When they drove the truck deeper into the forest towards Nadia's Cabin the truck suddenly

dissapeared. Nadia looked out her window in amazement. She was a twenty three year old Russian redhead with beautiful green eyes, an intense curiosity about the world and the mysterious, and a beautiful smile.

"I must call my sister" said Nadia as she reached into her bag for her smartphone. She called up her twin sister Tatiana.

"Yes? Is this you Nadia?" asked Tatiana on the other end.

"I want you to come, things are stranger here than Tunguska, you know the incident of boom boom?" said Nadia. Tatiana rolled her eyes.

"I'm very busy. I help entertain children at a summer camp now" said Tatiana.

"I have Alenkas and Ptichye Molokos. You'll enjoy it, trust me" said Nadia.

"Oh, you say that eh? You call me up just to tell me you have the chocolates when I am busy like a bee. Busy like

a bee in the fertile springtime and you call me to tell me you have Alenkas" said Tatiana.

"Oh, alright. I'll cut to the chase" said Nadia.

"She has fine cheese as well. The girl has everything" said Tatiana.

"No, not the cheese, the CHASE! I'm going to cut to the chase" shouted Nadia.

"Yes, please do. They're tugging on my jeans" said Tatiana.

"Who is tugging at your jeans?" asked Nadia.

"The children," said Tatiana.

"And she thinks she'll be a mother someday. Look, I want you to come because I saw a truck pull up into my driveway

then it vanished into thin air. Poof. Like-like-like Casper the Friendly Ghost or something" said Nadia.

"Nadia, I love you dearly but I have no time for this. Goodbye" said Tatiana pushing the end call button.

"Tatiana? Tatiana? She gone, poof, just like the truck. Who am I going to talk to on this lonely day in the snow?"

asked Nadia, pacing the floors. She sat on the sofa and pulled out a chocolate and began eating in a contemplative fashion.

"Chocolate, it helps you contemplate reality" said Nadia to herself.

She began having many thoughts. She fell asleep and had a dream.

She dreamt of a long stairway in an old run down mansion. She walked up the stairs nervously and was greeted at the

top by a group of blue humanoid figures who resembled people. The people felt familiar to her even though she had never

actually met them in real life. She saw a man in a soldiers uniform trapped in a large see-through box. One of the blue

ghost-like figures was a mustachioed man. He introduced himself.

"Hello Nadia. I am Zalbelzah, I have captured the man who creates the frightening visions you see. He does many

things" said Zalbelzah.

"Frightening vision? Listen, you, you are zeh frightening vision. I don't know who this man is or who you are.

For all I know he is innocent!" said Nadia storming off.

"Your lack of faith warrents an investigation in and of itself. Come back Nadia, I loved you I tried to help you"

"I don't love you. I love Alosha!" said Nadia. She had no idea why she said this. It just came out.

"Don't say that. You'll give him power" replied Zalbelzah.

Then Nadia woke up. It was a sunny morning. Oddly it wasn't night when she fell asleep and the whole day seemed to go by

rather quickly. It was the weekend. Her sister called her up. She answered.

"Hello Tatiana. It is the weekend now. Can you please come?" asked Nadia.

"Of course. I'll be over there soon. Pa-ká!" said Nadia, hanging up.


"So, tell me sis, why do you choose this lifestyle?" asked Tatiana.

"I don't like the hustle and bustle of everyday life" replied Nadia.

"Yes, it can be tiring. So this is why you commute from school? Isn't it far away I mean how do you get there

every day there are no buses no routes no...airplanes anything how do you do this?" asked Tatiana.

"Oh, there is a bus," said Nadia.

"A bus. Where? This is not officially listed as being near any sort of bus-stop" replied Tatiana.

"There is a bus that comes that takes me to college every day" replied Nadia.

"I'm free all of next week. I'd like to see it" said Tatiana.

"One thing you wouldn't want to see? The ghosts and their trucks. The other thing you might want to see? This!"

said Nadia holding up a shiny glowing metal ball that had rainbow sparkles on it. Tatiana looked shocked.

"Have you heard the legend of Arena?" asked Nadia.

"No, I have not" replied Tatiana.

"Arena was a young girl in a fantastical fairy tale kingdom of Trizeria. She was revered among her people for a short

while, not very long. She was expected to know all, see all, and be all to all. Forced out of a normal life,

not allowed to marry, so much was expected of her that one day she felt so overwhelmed she jumped off a cliff and died.

They say that she carried this magic ball as she fell hoping it would guarentee a safe trip to Heaven despite her failings"

said Nadia.

"Interesting. You are her" said Tatiana.

"What makes you say that?" asked Nadia.

"Nothing but a strong suspicion. You are Arena reincarnated here on Earth so you can lead a normal life as you wished"

replied Tatiana.

"I just love how that's turning out so far" said Nadia.

"Here all this time I thought you knew nothing of balls. Anything else special about this ball?" asked Tatiana.

"It can make anything you desire manifest" said Nadia. Suddenly a bowl of borscht soup fell into Tatian's lap.

"I love Borscht Soup. But I don't love what it did to my dress. However, I'm starting to become very glad I came here today" said Tatiana, taking a hearty sip of the soup.


Sure enough a bus arrived. But Tatiana noticed something as she looked out the window.

"This is not Siberian University route. This is route to summer camp" said Tatiana.

Suddenly, on a bright sunny day Tatiana and Nadia found themselves in the summer camp eating food and celebrating.

"Cara wants to tell me something," said Tatiana. She rushed over to Cara who was the camp supervisor.

"We are all going to take a trip to the library" said Cara. Suddenly, as the group made their way to the library,

they vanished.

Later at the library.

Nadia and Tatiana fell asleep. They had the same dream.

"Don't go to the west wing of my mansion" said a lady ghost. Tatiana and Nadia punched the ghost and it vanished.

Then they went to the west wing of the mansion. They saw Zabelzah.

"Alosha has been feeding off of the darkness that haunts your life" said Zabelzah in an insincere tone.

"You are turning him into a dark entity by sacrificing things to him" suggested Nadia.

"You have no proof" said Zabelzah.

"Enough!" said Alosha, breaking free and striking all the ghosts with his sword. All the ghosts vanished.

"Zabelzah used to be a good man. He tried to save you when you were Arena and his guilt burdoned him in the afterlife.

He had heard rumors of the strange events in your life, not realizing that it was his attempt at interdimensional travel

that opened up the portal. He caused the Tunguska incident in order to gain a foothold in this dimension. Although it happened long ago, time is relative to what we think of it. All that matters is that you girls are safe" said Alosha.

"Was Zabelzah turned into a dark spirit?" asked Nadia.

"Yes, he was embibed with the essence of Alkllha the dark monster who consumes entire planets. He took the truckdrivers

here to this world of ghosts. They were government agents trying to stop the monsters. He wanted ghosts

to swallow up this planet. There is a higher level of reality than being a ghost, let alone physical form.

His spirit is heading to a physical body somewhere in Germany so he can learn more about life" explained

Alosha. Alosha then snapped his fingers.

Disco lights filled the room. Tatiana and Nadia hugged.

"I'll never doubt your experiences ever again" said Tatiana.

"It's okay. I'm having trouble believing this right now" replied Nadia.