Gourmet Love

-by Koa Ironwood-

Oh my dear, your taste is so rich.

Such appetizer … oh your lips.

Yes … your tongue … oh so sweet!

Your brilliant eyes: best garnish.

Awaken the taste, awaken the taste.

Hey, waiter! Bring me my main dish:

Luscious meat roasted by my love's heat:

Cheeks, breasts, arms, legs …

And your liver foie gras can't best.

With honey's smell, oh I beg!

But hey! Please don't forget:

Honey's blood, the best of wine.

Oh your flavors intertwine.


Finally, my dessert has arrived;

Soon, your heart will be mine!


Nibbling, though, I cry:

Taste - Gourmet has no foe.

Yet in the end,

My stomach still growls.