Chapter 4: Bloomeelia Tries to Find Me

Bloomeelia was not one to let her friends down. Or go missing for that matter. How do I know? I'm her best friend.

Terramoriah is cool yes. But Bloomeelia is my best friend and I knew exactly what she was up to. That's why I can

report it to you live like a reporter on the scene.

"RALLASSA! What have you done this time? Last time you ran off you ended up almost being strangled by Medusa" said

Bloomeelia. She ran through the woods at incredible speeds, swimming across rivers and lakes following her womans intuition

and finally made her way to the town where I had been. Only it didn't look as good for Bloomeelia. Yeah, the meteor destroyed it. Bloomeelia saw some dead felorians and some nasty stuff. But she also saw a few people running around that she

could talk to. Rhotundulah had just barely survived, and had healed herself with Dittany of Crete flavored tea.

"Bloo-Bloomeelia? Is that you? You can't hope to help us. Help yourself and your friends" said Rhotundulah.

"I'll figure out a way to bring your townspeople back to life and healthy again if it's the last thing I do. But

you're right, first things first" said Bloomeelia. She took a jewel encrusted sparkle staff from Rhotundulah's grasp

and made her way through the woods. That's when a Jiblet approached her. You know, a Jiblet. One of those little sparkling

ruby people with feet. The Jiblet told Bloomeelia an incredible tale. And then it ran away. Anyway, I digress. Point is

Bloomeelia was looking for me.

"Twenty two point sixty five grams per cubic centimeter!" shouted Ignatius, as he slapped Terramoriah over and over with

a frozen cod fish.

"I don't know what you're talking about! Why do you keep saying that?" asked Terramoriah.

"Twenty two point sixty five grams per cubic centimeter! Twenty two point sixty five grams per cubic centimeter!"

shrieked Ignatius in a hideous tone.

"Please tell me why you keep saying that or I'll never stop lamenting the fact you're saying it!" shouted Terramoriah.

"WAIT! I think I know what he means! That's the density of iridium" I spoke up in the nick of time as the frozen

fish had nearly attached itself to my dear companion Terramoriah.

"Yessss, you are correct my smart child. Now if you can find me some iridium so I can make an armor that is impervious

to corrosion that would be very good for my clay soldiers indeed" said Ignatius rubbing his hands together.

"I'm not giving you any iridium. I don't have any" I said. This was actually true.

"Well...what DO you have?" asked Ignatius.

"I have gold, calcite, amatrine, and labradorite. That about cuts the cumen!" I said.

"CALCITE? It forms from the shells of dead fish creatures. I already have plenty" said Ignatius.

"What about the other stuff?" I asked.

"I'd need a particle accelerator to synthesize them into the pie I'm trying to make" said Ignatius.

"You're trying to make a pie?" I asked in a confused tone.

"YES! And to do so I need to confiscate those somethings I smell. The persimmons! They hold the key to

seeing into other dimensions. Look at that crystal ball. It was SYNTHESIZED from all the rocks you mentioned" said Ignatius.

"What's so special about that crystal ball?" I asked.

"People that look into that thing think that what they see is part of our world. OUR WORLD. The images are so real

so distinct. They think it's OUR world but it's not. It's YOURS" said Ignatius.

"You're peculiar" I told Ignatius. Ignatius took great offense at this and grabbed me by my neck and forced me against

the wall that was covered with clay. He cast a sleeping spell on Terramoriah. I could hear some meat cleavers being sharpened

and out popped his little skink assistant I was all too familiar with. He had two very sharp knives and was clashing them


"Those knives? They were made from the CLAY that your body is against. The clay is only phase one of my ultimate plan.

I have already horded so many magical items and safeguarded them carefully from you Felorians so you would never find out

about them. But sure enough you did! And Bartholomew did. He thought he could use these powers for his own means, he

had no idea he'd have to contend with me. You have a nasty habit of finding out about my plans" said Ignatius.

"I-I-I still don't understand your plan by a long shot" I told Ignatius.

"FOOL!" thundered Ignatius. "I have been very clear. Don't you know who I really am?" he asked, with his mouth gaping


"No," I replied.

"I AM IGNATIUS. I am the oldest most powerful sorceror in the entire kingdom. I could destroy you all in one fell

swoop but I want to wipe out the Felorians in style with a magic act consisting of delectable sustenance. The magic primordial clay, the original sparticus of all life brought forth by the natural forces of in MY posession!" said Ignatius.

"What do you do here in this cave?" I asked.

"I-I-I synthesize rocks, fool. I do this for specific purposes. Once they join together I bake them. With a special

ingrediant, of course!" said Ignatius.

"What's the special ingrediant?" I asked nervously.

"YOU!" shouted Ignatius, as he pushed me with his hand harder against the clay. I struggled and struggled.

"Why me?" I asked.

"Haha. I'm glad you asked. You see I need to reduce you to nothing but particles. Once your particles are cloned

I can restore you to your normal form and you can go about your business but you'll never have any abilities of any sort

ever again and you'll be cursed to be struck by lightening within a year. You could probably figure out a way to undo that.

That is choice one. Choice two? I simply eat you and use Terramoriah for the accelerator!" said Ignatius.

"How do I make this choice?" I asked.

"You give me what I want I will not swallow you whole like a swordfish" said Ignatius.

"Did Zasher and Vale work for you? Kinjil and Mingle? Laleethia?" asked Rallassa.

"HA! All those fools thought they opposed me! I took everything from their planets and pinned the blame on Felorians.

They were victims of superstition, fear, and ignorance. I plan to collect the essence of all Felorians

so I can mantain a consistent shape to save my own kind!" explained Ignatius.

"What? Weird. Anyway, that looks just like Feloriah!" I said, looking into the crystal ball.

"IT IS Feloriah. You are nothing but a remnant. You, Terramoriah, and Bloomeelia are all my remnants.

Remnants of a civilization that was founded and then destroyed centuries ago. You don't realize it but you are all being used as remnants so that all intermediaries are exposed as the charlatans they are. All dimensions will merge but not naturally,

only through visual tricks. No one will be able to tell where they are, all will be confused. Then I'll show up

and guide them to a rebuilt planet Grezlar. The blame for the interdimensional confusion? It shall be placed on YOU. Alchemists like Bartholomew? They don't know stones, they only know foolishness!"

said Ignatius.

"UGH! AUH. Ohhh no. Bloomeelia...Bloomeelia!" I said my best friends name as I clutched my amatrine stone. I had

fused it with a fairy orb that Bloomeelia had given me. I pressed it against the clay with my head after stealthily placing

it behind myself with my tail. Yes, I managed to pick something up with my tail despite the pressure against me.

I cried, sobbed, and wept. I felt so sad. I remembered all the good moments of my life.

You've got a strange magic, Bloomeelia. No, we do. We share this.

We've got a strange magic, Bloomeelia.

Cue the song Strange Magic and showcase positive memories of Rallassa and Bloomeelia.


I thought long and hard about Bloomeelia and the special connection we shared with each other and the cosmic rays of

fairy light. The clay suddenly began breaking into pieces and Ignatius suddenly felt hot.

"AAAAAUGH! I must relinquish my grip!" shouted Ignatius. Suddenly I felt tremendous power in my hands. I sent a bolt

of lightening towards Ignatius, reversing the curse he was attempting to place on me.

"BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!" shouted Ignatius as he fell into the pits of clay. Then I had to contend with Ignatius.

That's when the unthinkable happened. A miracle. Bloomeelia showed up. She revived Terramoriah and the three of us tied

up Ned with our tails and then swung him around a few times, ultimately releasing him and sending him flying down into

the mud pits with Ignatius.

"You can never truly defeat me! I was a restored form of Morgothulius! But I am much weaker and must suffer

in this prison for a thousand years or more" said Ignatius as he froze into clay stone along with Ned.

Terramoriah revived Bartholomew.

The forces of good had triumped over evil yet again.

Me and Bloomeelia found ourselves in a car in a strange crystal city in an alternate version of your human world of


Bloomeelia kept playing "Crazy on You" by Heart and speeding.

"WOOO! THIS IS GREAT!" I said happily.

"We're gonna get there soon!" said Bloomeelia.

Me and Bloomeelia woke up. It all felt like a dream. That includes ALL our adventures.

They seemed to flash before us like sugar induced seizures.

Suddenly there was gorgeous piano music and harps...and an orange hue filled the sky.

We opened our eyes and found ourselves amidst grassy plains

and beautiful flowers and trees of all kinds. Then we tried to go towards a castle. But we were blocked by a wall of

invisible jello. At least it FELT like jello. We saw the Queen of Feloriah approach us. She was the most beautiful maiden

you could ever imagine.

"You can come live in this world. It is Feloriah as it once was long before evil invaded it. You will lose your

powers for seven years, possibly more, but you will have love. Love is more important than any of those posessions or

abilities. Those magic abilities can be misused, but love never can!" said the Queen. I looked behind us and saw a world of darkness and clay beasts. I assured Bloomeelia it would not be a good idea to remain there. So we entered the bubble. We were

each told about a castle where we would be together forever along with our special ones.

We also saw a giant mothership with scout ships coming out of portholes. Above an airport like structure was a large neon sign that read:

Lyran Cat People Space Agency Exploration Team. Thank you for serving Lyra. Feel free to join. Now hiring!

"Hi, we've heard you saved Feloriah many times from the forces of evil. You are now welcome to explore any planet you wish!"

said a tour guide who looked like a humanoid panther being.

Farewell dear readers.

From Feloriah with Love,

Bloomeelia and Rallassa.

The End