Prologue: Rallassa Reveals a Secret

It was a stormy evening. Rallassa was racing through the rain-soaked woods, in a drenched green vinyl duffl coat. She had fled after a brief struggle with her friend Bloomeelia, a struggle over whether she would be capable of sustaining herself all alone in the woods for an entire night. Of course, Rallassa's motivation for her escapades in the wilderness went far beyond that. Rallassa had recently made friends with a clan of elves and pixies, and had just learned a spell that enabled her to both summon them at will, and have contact with them whenever she pleased, so long as she stood under a sacred circle that was only found deep within the natural wonders of Moonbeam Forest.

"Rallassa, please come back!" yelled Bloomeelia, as lightening struck the earth.

"No, you must let me visit my friends!" replied Rallassa.

"What are you talking about? This is frivelous tripe, you freakish furball!" said Bloomeelia.

"I've made some friends in the woods! And you're one to talk about being a freakish furball! Let me go be with my friends" yelled Rallassa.

"I am your friend for pete's sake. Why have you been doing this every night? Get back here, flea bag!" screamed Bloomeelia.

"I won't come back if you call me names!" said Rallassa.

"Oh, really? I guess I shant be able to persuade you to come back then, eh, furball?" replied Bloomeelia.

"No, I guess you shant!" exclaimed Rallassa, rushing through a bunch of prickles and vines.

"There are ravenous werewolves out here, and deadly vixens, not to mention yourself!" yelled Bloomeelia. Rallassa pulled out her cape from her knapsack that enabled her to be invisible. After getting her knee cut by a rose thorn, Bloomeelia finally gave up her pursuit of Rallassa, brushing the dirt and bugs off of her skirt.

"Well, I guess this is the way you want it, you frazzled freak. Rallassa? RALLASSA? Oh, its no use. She stayed out here before once a year or so ago. Even still, why is it that she's been attempting to run off into the woods so much lately and just who are these friends of hers? Oh well, I'd best get going" said Bloomeelia, opening up an umbrella and heading back to her home of Sokatia Caverns.


Rallassa finally reached the clearing in the woods that was home to the fairy circle. She placed a satchel of fresh salmon meat and rinsed it in a bowl of water, upon which she garnished with rosemary and thyme. Then she took some sage incense and let it burn. She began reciting an ancient spell, which read as follows:

Elves of the forest, here is my gift. I hope it well help you, and give you a lift.

A lift that will take you out of where you dwell, a lift that will make the earth rumble quite well.

As long as you're chatty, your stomachs I promise to fill

So you can meet up with me, in cheer and goodwill.

After she recited the spell, the earth shook. Then, she remembered that she had left out a key part of the spell. She looked down at her spellbook, whose pages had been torn slightly. One of the pages read as follows:

But I shall not let just anyone come up from under thy rock,

for if ye are of darkness then your coming I shall block.

Rallassa had temporarily forgotten to protect herself from any possible dark spirits!

Just as Rallassa attempted to quickly read the last verse of the spell, she felt a supernatural force push her to the ground, choking her slightly. Then, she saw a cold mist envelope the entire forest. After witnessing the strange cold mist, she saw a feminine figure, with flowing hair consisting of green snakes. Her eyes were as red as fire. Rallassa, horrified, picked herself up and began screaming for help, but was pulled back down by the sheer might of the dark force.

"Tell me the secret," said the figure in a crackly somewhat whispery tone.

"I can barely talk!" yelled Rallassa.

"Promise not to try to get away, girl?" asked the figure.

"Promise!" replied Rallassa earnestly. The figure relinquished her grasp ever so slightly.

"You will tell me the secret to your best friends name" commanded the figure.

"NO! Who are you anyway? I'll never tell you anything" yelled Rallassa. But then the figure tightened its grip on Rallassa, pulling her close to what looked like a pit opening up in the ground.

"Alright, alright, I'll tell you. Bloomeelia got her name because she can make flowers bloom at will, by rubbing her palms against dirt and soil!" confessed Rallassa. The figure began to dissolve, with a few last words:


"Then why did you bother to ask me?" Rallassa thought to herself. Then she heard a response:


With that, Rallassa headed back to Sokatia Caverns, to plan the next daily escapades with her friend Bloomeelia. She had made up her mind that she was NOT going to reveal to Bloomeelia what happened, unless it was a last resort type of thing. As she was walking home, she encountered a savage wolf along the way, but she used ice magic to freeze it so it couldn't harm her.


A young felorian girl and her circus clown brother, along with a suit of armor inhabited by a ghost were all seated outside having a tea party.

"Did you see that crazy girl running off into the woods?" asked Clint, the clown.

"Not that I recall, but it figures you would see her because you're always thinking about girls" said Veronica, the sister.

"I'm always thinking about singing hinnies, and bubble and squeak. But I never get any!" said Pierre, the ghost-knight. Veronica and Clint briefly stared at Pierre giving him a peculiar look. Then they both continued their discussion.

"Come to think of it, a few minutes ago, I did see a girl. But she wasn't running, she was placing a piece of salmon into a bowl of water, while reciting poetry or something. I couldn't help but think that she was completely out of her mind, I couldn't help but feel a bit of anger and contempt, I can't believe anyone could act so silly" said Veronica, who seemed to be concealing the truth about what really made her upset. Pierre was pretending to use a finger nail filing device, which of course was impossible for him to use, considering all he was was a ghost-knight.

"Oh, wait, I can always count on you to act silly, Pierre!" said Veronica, slapping Pierre's metal head, and sending it for a spin.

"Woah, that is mind-bending! If I can't have myself a single singing hinnie, I at least want some toad in the hole or some fine cullen skink. I'm hungry!" said Pierre.

"Those are all actual names of food?" asked Veronica.

"Yes, and you should know, Miss Refined Sophisticaton!" replied Pierre.

"FORGET FOOD! What were we discussing initially? Ah, yes. A girl!" said Veronica.

"I think that girl might have been a witch, like you, Veronica. There was no reason to be all mad! You don't know her, you and her might become best friends some day!" said Clint.

"Well, no matter. Anyway, I get the odd feeling we may catch sight of that girl again. And next time, we'll try to befriend her, a girl who puts fish in a bowl of water as some sort of sacrificial ceremony can't possibly be all bad!" said Veronica, chuckling.

Back with Rallassa and Bloomeelia:

"I sure hope no one ever finds the secret of my name!" said Bloomeelia.

"Me...neither!" replied Rallassa in a hesitant tone.


Chapter 1: Moonbeam Meadow

Bloomeelia the Cat Sorceress was the finest felorian feline witch the land of Feloriah had ever seen. Though spending most of her leisurely time within her home confines of Sokatiah Caverns, today she and her best friend Rallassa Taracam

were sitting atop a branch on a tall great oak tree, reflecting upon their previous exploits. Rallassa was eating, and Bloomeelia was reading a book about alleged secret hidden doorways to lost kingdoms of old.

"Seems rather constricted up here," said Rallassa, shaking her hips. "I don't hear you complaining much, cuz all you're doing is reading" she added in anxious high-maintence tone.

"I'm reading about some pretty incredible stuff Rallassa. What is it that you want to do?" asked Bloomeelia.

"Nothing in particular," replied Rallassa. "What are you reading about?" she asked, glancing over at Bloomeelia's book and gazing into its pages.

"Quaint and folksy kingdoms of old, certainly nothing you'd be interested in" said Bloomeelia in a sarcastic tone.

"Who are you kidding? I love things that are quaint and folksy, those things are almost all I think about" said Rallassa.

"I've always known you were of a sophisticated calibur, I was simply trying to get your attention, silly!" said Bloomeelia.

"Gimme that book," said Rallassa violently snatching the book out of Bloomeelia's hands. Her swift reflexes and gut reaction caused a page to be torn.

"Why'd you just take that book out of my hands? You tore the page. Oh well, enjoy it. I'll just be taking your food then," said Bloomeelia, snatching what she thought was a bowl of cottage cheese away from the grasp of her friend.

"You stole my food," protested Rallassa.

"You shouldn't eat while you're reading an ancient manuscript, that's not something a patron of the arts of your prestige would be doing" replied Bloomeelia. Bloomeelia pulled out a spoon from Rallassa's knapsack and began eating the food. Bloomeelia was pleasently surprised at the rich sugary flavors, but did not expect to be tasting them, and was thus feeling a sense of confliction.

"You have a great taste in literature. And whoever made this recipe had a taste in cottage cheese that was nothing short of eclectic! It must have taken a lot of different flavor sources to get it so sweet" said Bloomeelia.

"Well, actually, I made the recipe, and prepared it myself!" said Rallassa.

"You certainly do have an eclectic taste in cottage cheeses, Rallassa" said Bloomeelia. "But I must add, it is very delicious" Rallassa looked perplexed, her nose wrinkled up, and her eyes twitched.

"That is not cottage cheese. It's tapioca pudding, what are you doing eating my tapioca?" asked Rallassa.

"You think I shouldn't be eating this, just because you said so? I'm safeguarding the precious book I entrusted you with" said Bloomeelia.

"If you can't trust me to safeguard your book, why did you entrust me with it?" asked Rallassa.

"I didn't really entrust you with it. You yanked it out of my hands like some sort of crazed scavenger" said Bloomeelia.

"Give me my pudding" said Rallassa, stamping her feet on the branch as roughly as she possibly could. The impact caused the branch to fall down to the ground abruptly. Luckily the two girls were not high enough to have been hurt.

"I land smack dab on my butt over an argument involving cottage cheese and kingdoms of old? What's the world come to?" asked Rallassa.

"You're right. That tree branch is too constricted. Not enough space for you to act like a lunatic, huh Rallassa?" said Bloomeelia.

"I just like to be alone when I'm eating, that's all. Especially pudding, fruit laced tapioca" said Rallassa.

"Well, that doesn't sound unusual AT ALL" said Bloomeelia.

"It's not unusual to want to eat in a place of solitude and fertility and sanctuary! Goodbye, Bloomeelia" said Rallassa turning her nose up in the air and storming off in a huff.

"Rallassa. She just can't help but be totally bizzare" said Bloomeelia, watching her friend walk away. She looked up at the sky, it seemed as though the sun was setting.

"Where could Rallassa be going so late at night that she doesn't want me to even know about it?" wondered Bloomeelia. She set off on a little investigation.

Later, that night...

Bloomeelia had set off into the woods. After much walking, crawling, and scampering about, she finally reached Moonbeam Meadow, a small circular clearing in the woods where Rallassa had been heading the entire time.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" asked Bloomeelia. There, in the center of a fairy circle, was Rallassa mixing together magical potion ingrediants in a cauldron, one of which was tapioca. She had also been making the inscription of a pentagram in the ground. When Rallassa saw Bloomeelia, she shrieked and pulled out a bush, covering herself with it, looking frail and shivery.

"Girl, are you wacked?" asked Bloomeelia.

"Go away, let me eat my pudding in peace you peeper!" said Rallassa.

"What are you talking about Rallassa?" asked Bloomeelia.

"I'm talking about you, you paranoid peeper. Let me eat my pudding, you persistant pervacious peeper!" replied Rallassa.

"Rallassa, what have I told you about the dangers of practicing our craft in small secluded fairy circles that haven't been tested with Elzdereck's staff?" asked Bloomeelia.

"This one is safe, Bloomy, please trust me!" said Rallassa.

"Rallassa, I think its high-time you told me just what happened here" said Bloomeelia. Rallassa looked troubled, but with a hesitant sigh, began explaining the situation to her best friend the best that she possibly could.

"Couple days ago, a spirit appeared to me here. I conjured her by accident, because usually when I do this one summoning spell here all that happens is a friendly pixie shows up. But not this time. This time it was a strange female silhouette figure, she was beautiful in some regards, but she had red eyes and long green snakes for hair. She demanded that I tell her the secret about your name and how it involves some of your powers" explained Rallassa.

"You gave in to fear? That isn't like you Rallassa" said Bloomeelia, her arms folded in discontentment.

"This spirit had enough negative energy to drown a mermaid. And mermaids are made to swim! This woman was so cold, she could breathe snow!" said Rallassa.

"You should not have divuldged our ancient coveted secrets. Now someone of a malicious magical order might figure out about my powers and try to take advantage of them" said Bloomeelia.

"The spirit paralyzed me. I couldn't recite any spells. I couldn't even open my mouth, I had no say in the matter" said Rallassa.

"Hmm, that would be pretty scary" concluded Bloomeelia.

"She threatened to destroy Feloriah if I didn't tell her what your name meant. She said that her kind were seeking a fertile world full of soil and mud and dirt!" said Rallassa.

"I'm sorry Rallassa. I forgive you. Just out of curiosity, what are the cauldron and pudding for?" asked Bloomeelia.

"They're to try to appease the spirit and invoke a protective shield around this world!" explained Rallassa.

"Did the spirit mention anything about this?" asked Bloomeelia.

"No," replied Rallassa. "And thank stardust she didn't, cuz she's a liar. I ripped that page out of your book on purpose cuz it had info on this very spell. If something goes wrong we're gonna whiz on out of here Bloomy. We're gonna whiz our way to a better witch world than this one" said Rallassa.

"Oh, boy, Rallassa thinks she's really stumbled upon something" said Bloomeelia. Rallassa placed the pudding within the cauldron, then she placed the cauldron in the center of the pentagram and recited an ancient fairy prayer.

Just then, a hole appeared in the ground. Bloomeelia and Rallassa gazed down the hole, then glanced at each other, each affirming their suspended disbeliefs with a resounding unanimous "WOAH, BABY. WOAH!"