The Strange Young Man in the Empty Classroom

"That note made no sense!" said Rallassa.

"Eh, it kinda did make sense, I thought" said Bloomeelia. Rallassa groaned, and rolled her eyes.

"At any rate, we've gotta get out of here!" said Rallassa. Bloomeelia looked saddened.

"We're never gonna get outta here. The weirdo that showed up was no help, Baudelaire got transformed into a Borgalort

and heavens knows you probly killed him, plus he was a ding-a-ling. How are we gonna ever escape this dungeon now?" said

Bloomeelia, putting her hands in her eyes to wipe the tears away, moaning. Suddenly, they heard rumbling from across the

other edge of the cave, it almost sounded like a bull entering the ring, charging up, and dashing towards the wall.

"Oh no, that's probably a Borgalort. Say your prayers" said Bloomeelia.

"I'll hold up a white flag! That'll let it know we're peaceful and stuffiez!" said Rallassa, holding up a white flag

from her knapsack. Finally, they heard loud thumping entering the room, and saw Baudelaire the Borgalort charging towards

them. He scooped them up using his large platypus-like beak and let them ride on his back, as he charged and bulldozed

his way through the cave. He charged through the thick ice and plowed on through until finally he reached light! Yes,

a small circle of light. Eureka! Baudelaire had broken through Laleethia's underground ice prison. He let Bloomeelia and

Rallassa off of his back, they waved goodbye, confused, as he darted off back into the prison to eat some food that

Laleethia had left for all her pet Borglalorts.

Bloomeelia and Rallassa exited up through a manhole. They found themselves in a large city, unlike anything they

had ever seen before, even Topaz. While Topaz was large and booming, this city had a much more solumn feel to it.

The buildings were large and rectangular, the street signs were in a strange foreign language, and everything seemed to

be glowing. Bloomeelia saw a sign "Celorbia Castle City College"

"A college," said Bloomeelia. She continued: "I bet they'll be friendly there"

So Bloomeelia and Rallassa checked out the college. They walked through the faculty rooms, the hallways, the

staff offices, and there was not a soul to be found in sight. However, when walking through the Natural Sciences and

Geology Departments, they felt compelled to enter a classroom. Room 104 to be exact. They had heard faint noises coming

from it. There, sitting in a chair in front of a blackboard was a living breathing Felorian, repeating strange things.

"Pra-pra-professor, I hate to trouble you, but I want some ginger ale, and licorice" said the young male Felorian, in

a hilarious British accent.

"What the heck is he talking about? Who is he even talking to?" asked Rallassa.

"Hush, let's listen to him" suggested Bloomeelia. So that's exactly what they did. And the young boy made even more

odd, yet humerous requests, all addressed to some unknown professor that no one had ever heard of before until now.

"Pra-professor I want grapefruit spitzer. Pra-pra-professor I want ginger ale, too!" said the young man.

"You most certainly do NOT need ginger ale" said Rallassa, correcting the young man. Bloomeelia

and Rallassa giggled. They entered the room, carefully tip-toeing. They turned on the light. The young man shrieked.

"Pra-professor! The ginger ale? The spitzer? What is this about? Why did you turn on the light?" asked the young


"We wanted to ask you some questions" said Rallassa. Bloomeelia suddenly noticed the young man was handcuffed

and chained to his desk.

"Ra-Rallassa? I know one question I'd love to ask him" said Bloomeelia, with a distressed and disturbed look on her

face. Suddenly, they heard the door to the classroom open once more, and Laleethia Levanorsi could be seen standing there,

hands on hips, frustrated with Bloomeelia and Rallassa's escape from prison.

"Well well well, if it isn't Bloomeelia and one of her friends! I could ask you some questions as well, such as

how you escaped, why you turned Baudelaire into a Borgalort, and what in the world you're doing talking to this mentally

unstable young man!" said the evil Laleethia.

"Look, Laleethia, Queenie, I know you're top-cat around here, but I think you're the one that has the most

explaining to do. Why is this college so run down and abandoned looking, not to mention the entire royal city is the same,

and why is this poor young man chained to his desk?" asked Bloomeelia.

"You dare call me Queenie? I am your most gracious royal majesty and will be addressed as such. I am ellegant, refined,

you two are dirty, unclean, and unsophisticated. This young man will be fine, his purpose has almost been fulfilled anyway!" said

Laleethia. Bloomeelia and Rallassa glanced at each other in disbelief.

"This is just plain weird," said Rallassa. "His purpose?" she asked. Laleethia nodded. Suddenly they saw a stone

being lifted into the air, as if from nowhere. Laleethia was using her telekenesis powers to lift a stone out of

the young mans pocket.

"There, now that I have this stone, I'm good to go. See you girls later!" said Laleethia, vanishing. Rallassa looked

down the hall, and saw that as Laleethia was walking away, her walk was unusual and machine like, almost a sort of mechanical

stomping. Laleethia was also accompanied by two tall glowing white alien guards with purple elite uniforms,

and huge glowing, glaring green eyes.

The young man finally calmed down, now that the stone was gone, however he was out of breath. Rallassa let the young

man drink all of the water she had in her knapsack, as a token of goodwill.

"Thank you so much, ladies. My name is Mortimer. I was restrained here, because no one took me seriously.

Almost my entire life has been in the other realm. I talked to people there, people saw me talking

to people that weren't there all the time. People from the realm they call Agarshkie, above the mountains, clouds, and stars.

No one could comprehend how I learned so many things, how mature I was for my age, and how I was able to do well on tests

without reading any of the materials. People overlooked me as a crazy mentally ill nutjob, even my own parents. I spent

half my life in a different reality than this one, so people had no idea how much life experience I actually posessed, but

they also had no idea how otherworldy of a being I was. No one knew I had needs because I looked happy even

when technically I should not have been. People thought I had a girlfriend. No, I didn't.

Things were making me happy that no one could understand, on an interdimensional level. Eventually, I found out it was the stone. I had been born with it

attached to my forehead, but now it's gone! The stone let me see through the dimensions, so it would appear

to you two I was talking to an invisible professor. I was once a royal messenger in another realm.

The stone is gone now!" said Mortimer.

"Poor guy," said Bloomeelia, rubbing Mortimer's hair softly. "Laleethia took it. Is she the meanie who chained you to the

desk?" she asked.

"Yes, she did. Laleethia had been using me in the other realm to do all kinds of things for her without me even knowing or

aware of it. She thinks she's drained all my soul energy, but she hasn't. She wants to fuel something. Something very evil,

and possibly even steam-powered.

But I know that you girls have the power to destroy it" said Mortimer. Bloomeelia used her powers to free a shaky

nervous terrified Mortimer from hischains, and the three of them left the classroom. They were determined to go confront Laleethia and stop her.

The three heroes hesitantly agreed they would stay at an inn and get some rest before they took on Laleethia.

There were no beds oddly, so Rallassa made her knapsack larger using a spell, and the three of them huddled together in the


"Teehe, bet you're not used to this, are you Mortimer?" said Rallassa, noting that Mortimer was now in a sleeping bag

with two girls. Mortimer cuddled up to Rallassa.

"Um, not to be rude, but I'm the one who freed you, buddy" said Bloomeelia.

"Thanks so much for freeing me!" said Mortimer, hugging Bloomeelia.

He then put his arm around both of them, and they each kissed him on

the cheek. Bloomeelia turned out the light, the three newfound friends attempted to sleep.

But suddenly...

They heard rattling outside of the abandoned inn. Something was rotten in Ghost-Town. Giant green cyclopses broke the

door down, making "Bloooo-woooooot! BLOO-WhooooOT!" noises. They had clubs, and they attempted to squish Bloomeelia, Rallassa,

and Mortimer. Mortimer pulled out his bow and arrow, and shot one Cyclops in the eye, sending it down to the floor, struggling

to get up. Rallassa tossed her hammer at one, knocking it out cold. They then used magic to banish the Cyclopses, and

were relieved that the battle was over. The Cyclopses vanished, but most of Rallassa's banishing spells had now been used

up, and there would be no way for her to "banish" Laleethia. But no matter, they were glad that the fight was won.

"So, what do you feel like, now, Rallassa?" asked Bloomeelia.

"I think I'll go take a bath, you two can play checkers if you want" said Rallassa, handing Mortimer and Bloomeelia

a old dusty checkers set.

In the bath/spa room:

Rallassa put on her favorite swimsuit and let herself sink into the nice warm water.

"Aahhh, so relaxing, a donut would hit the spot around now" said Rallassa.

"Here, have one," said a strange female voice. Suddenly, Rallassa could feel a donut being rammed into her mouth. Rallassa

swam away, but she felt something giving chase and heard water splashing as if someone else were following her through the

pool. Finally, she felt a ghost grab her, tickle her, and throw her all the way against the wall.

"Woah, that was quite a toss" said Rallassa. She dove back into the water. The ghost revealed itself, as a Victorian-era

Felorian woman, with an umbrella.

"You're seriously carrying an umbrella in a bathtub?" asked Rallassa.

"Yes, it is doth the only way to strike back against Lara's beach ball" said the ghost.

"Lara?" asked Rallassa, her eyes twitching, nose wrinkling, her left arm beside herself. She saw another female ghost


"Sure! Come on, Rallassa, play with us!" said Lara the ghost. Rallassa raced out of the bath, and dove back into

the knapsack, scared, while Bloomeelia and Mortimer played Checkers, and then CandyWorld, Rallassa's least favorite game.

When they were finished, they went to sleep. Mortimer had many nightmares, Rallassa, being was

able to enter Mortimer's nightmares and kill all the monsters to save him from his dreams. But then Rallassa had nightmares

about other things...

Rallassa's Dream

Rallassa found herself in a barn with a bunch of other Felorians dancing. She was not particularly amused so she snuck

off in a corner where a strange robed cat lady could be seen.

"Hi, what's up?" asked Rallassa. Rallassa always was eager to greet people.

"Not much, sure is boring here. Say, do you ever feel like you don't belong in your world? Like you were nothing

more than a slimey egg pulled out of an incubator from a spaceship?" asked the robed lady.

"Yeah, I guess" said Rallassa yawning, not really thinking about the implications.

"Do you really? Do you have a serious problem with that? Be honest" said the lady.

"Why are you asking me these questions?" asked Rallassa.

"I'm interested in solving your problem" replied the woman.

"I don't have the slightest idea what you mean. I don't have the problem you're talking about" said Rallassa.

Suddenly, the entire room turned black. Water bubbles and blue fires were everywhere,and Laleethia's evil laughter could be heard. Rallassa

found herself falling endlessly, until a strange force lifted her up.

Rallassa woke up.

"Bloomeelia, am I bad or something?" asked Rallassa.

"Huh? No, I was there I saw the whole thing. You don't enter THAT dimension without first acknowledging all your

difficulties or else they consume you" said Bloomeelia.

"You did it! You sent me into the abyss" insisted Rallassa.

"No I didn't! It must have been the stupid stone you had under your pillow. We need to cleanse those of all impurities

and defeat Laleethia. She's been trying to turn us all against each other" explained Bloomeelia.

Early in the morning:

Bloomeelia decided to confront Laleethia on her own. After entering the castle throne room, she came face to face

with Laleethia Levanorsi. Behind her throne was a giant glowing computer.

"Bloomeelia! You're just asking for trouble, aren't you? I have all the stones I needed, I was going to let you live,

but now you're becoming more and more insolent. Leave these sacred grounds at once, you shall not desecrate them with

your filthy Felorian presence" said Laleethia.

"I know what you're up to," said Bloomeelia.

"Oh, I'm sure Mortimer told you everything. Look, I'm gathering energy from people by way of Morgathulius stones,

then the energy is fed to the machine behind me. Once enough energy has accumulated in there, Gytholochiss, the

great VOID will break out

of there, he'll be the only one in this world, and everyone else will be safe inside the machine, sharing all the same energy.

Gytholochiss VOID will know exactly what it feels like to be a living being, he'll have felt the combined pain of everyone,

surpassing everything Father Sky Cat ever went through. Once he's in your world, he'll unleash millions of

cybernetic police patrol soldiers everywhere, taking control of all the planets for ME! None of you will be able to do anything about it, you'll think you're doing

all kinds of things, but you'll be in a computer game! Ha, ha, hahaha!" scoffed Laleethia.

"Why did you only pick certain people to do your dirty work for you with the stones?" asked Bloomeelia.

"Simple, really. If everyone using the stones had the ability to go to other worlds, they'd eventually figure out

how to stop me from influencing peoples subconcious. The more isolated they felt, the better. I picked

loners, people lost in the great highway of life, people who were already thought of as outcasts or

nerds had those stigmas magnified ten times worse, creating more loosh for the machine.

So I selected people with limited psychic abilities, and only trained them to an extent. Sent some aliens into peoples

dreams to abduct them and help them fight for me. Anyhow, this is all payback for what the gods did to us! We knew

how to influence peoples perceptions on many levels, how to merge dimensions, so we were banished to abandoned cities like

the one we're in right now. Can you imagine? Me, Laleethia Lilith Levanorsi, cast out of heaven for knowing how to

use stones to my advantage. Once these stones are merged with all your planets tech, we can break out of our celestial

prison and reclaim the heavens for ourselves. Please, Bloomeelia, join me if you have any sense. The end result will be

much better for sorcery as a whole!" said Laleethia.

"Excuse me, you're controlling all the stones through your magic to send people to whatever dimensions you desire

them to go to. That isn't freedom. I hate to think how you were treating the angels up there! Listen, Laleethia Losernorsi,

I'm gonna pit my magic against you! And I'd gladly do it any day" said Bloomeelia. Laleethia flexed her beautiful silver


"You choose to fight me? Very well then!" said Laleethia. The entire room turned to blue stone walls and floors and

began spinning, re-arranging itself. Meanwhile, mirrors began to appear in all directions. Bloomeelia looked in the mirrors

and saw Laleethia's face in each of them. She could hear Laleethia's evil laughter.

"Hahahahahahaaaaugh! You'll never guess which face is really me! Hahaha!" cackled Laleethia. Bloomeelia, after

receiving telepathic advice from the Felorian guardians, swung her

wand at the mirror in the upper right corner, shattering the glass.

"What? Impossible! Someone of your low-ranking calibur, a 'sorceress' not even part of my abandoned fallen

ancient superior clan, with this power? Do you not see the hypocrisy of the gods, letting you do magic, but forbidding

my clan? You're not even of celestial descent. Join me or die!" commanded Laleethia. But Bloomeelia refused. Laleethia pulled out a sabre sword and began

attempting to slice Bloomeelia in two, while shrieking demonically. Bloomeelia made herself invisible, and slid underneath

Laleethia, causing her to trip and her body went flying against the wall.


Laleethia was in a dizzy spell, sitting on the floor.

"Well, now, that's what you get for all the pain you're putting people through with those stones!" said Bloomeelia,

wiping her hands. She cast a freeze spell on Laleethia, turning her into a block of ice. But then, Morgathulius appeared

behind Bloomeelia, with a pickaxe in tow. He swung at Bloomeelia, but missed, chopping the ice block into nothing but

a hundred pieces of dislodged ice.

"Laleethia may be destroyed, by me, yes, but now you're going to get it. Look, Bloomeelia, I created the machine

behind the throne for the sake of all my people, my corporations employees and

all the Grezlarians were destined to rule every single planet in the universe, and

I'll be darned if I let the Grezlarians dream of global dominations be shattered by a pathetic pussy cat! Or my name

isn't Asmodeous Victor Pladmire Morgathgulious!" yelled Morgathulious. He began holding his palms together, and he sent out

a psi-ball which became an exact clone of Bloomeelia, except this one had a dark aura.

"Behold, Gloomeelia, my new creation!" said Morgathulius, vanishing. Gloomeelia attempted to strangle Bloomeelia, while

shouting "Cretin!" in her ears, but Bloomeelia recited an ancient Felorian banishment chant, making Gloomeelia vanish into

nothing. Then Morgathulius suddenly used all the stones, he tossed them on the ground. But the stones, having absorbed

the energy of Bloomeelia's chanting rejected the commands of the evil wizard, and instead of

killing Bloomeelia they all used their combined energy

to restrain and vanquish Morgathulius, trapping him in a ball of light.

"Remember, I'm still in the source code!" Morgathulius shouted, as he was sent far away into space,

where he supposedly met his death.

Suddenly...Bloomeelia, in tears rushed over to the flashing computer and it exploded after one second of being near

her highly emotional presence. A strange one eyed muscular being appeared, but he clutched his heart. He couldn't take

anymore pain from all the soul energy he had stolen, and he fell to the floor and died.

Bloomeelia gathered up all the stones and put them in a sack. She headed outside.

When Bloomeelia arrived outside Rallassa and Mortimer instantly greeted her with a hug. The sun had rose,

and suddenly there were thousands of happy Felorians reclaiming the city, and tearing down statues of Laleethia.

Freedom and peace had returned. Mortimer held Bloomeelia's hand, walking down a long yellow carpet. Bloomeelia tossed

one of the stones in the air. Rallassa had purchased some Dittany of Crete, a magic healing leaf, which she used to

purify the stones, she then gave all the leaves to Bloomeelia, making her cry tears of joy.

"We should call those things Bloomeelia stones now, instead of them being named after that yucky Morgathulius,

plus now the stones belong to all people, and only our minds influence them, not Laleethia! Let's call em Bloomy Stones"

suggested Mortimer.

"No," replied Bloomeelia. "Mortimer, you went through so much trouble. You've had it rougher than I did.

You're the real hero. We'll call them Mortimer stones" said Bloomeelia. Then Rallassa had a better idea.