I needed a reason,

I needed a reason for everything I couldn't get,

The reality just didn't get into my head,

I was stubborn and willful,

Determined and patient to get what I liked, purposeful

But then I had to let go, had to live

I had to pursue with what was put ahead with no choices.

I was unsure, unsettled with ambiance full of voices,

I wondered, why…why…

Probably could have given one more try,

Then, I was beginning to forget, my life was changing,

It didn't change completely though,

I saw the other people with that I've wanted,

I saw you again and again,

I saw all the things and people the way I couldn't have,

I broke, I bitterly broke,

Not once, not twice,

But more than a hundred times,

The stable I tried to get, the more I broke,

I found none worthy to confide,

They all left me, left me all alone,

I didn't know in whom to confide,

I saw their negligence in me, so prone

They closed the topic abruptly,

Left my wound open and unhealed,

Isolated me very subtly,

Thus had this pain sealed,

Moved on and on, judging people,

Sadness on my heart dribble,

Found none worthy,

Was better on my own for sure,

Deserved myself all,

Then I begin to see the reasons,

Reasons why life had to be this way,

Why I couldn't get what I crave,

Reasons rained on me,

People washed off I didn't need,

There was so much within me,

How did I forget and leave?

I needed to re-introspect my own self and sanity,

Find the hiding euphoria in my own self, so fair

Find the blessing still around, the people who care,

It's just the seasons that come and go,

And teach us the lessons of life…