It wasn't anyone's fault.

It was just incredibly bad luck that your best friends happened to be doing the talent show performance with your crush—

and you weren't invited.

They planned it all out before you were friends with Addie

before you liked Leo.

You're not allowed to be jealous.

Lily and Addie are allowed to be friends

and Leo just happens to be your crush.

It's just incredibly bad luck.

You can't be jealous.

It's irrational.



it's hard not to be.

It's difficult not to feel a little left out, a little lost, a little lonely.

Friday night.

The talent show.

They're second to perform

—and damnit, it's hilarious how Leo's wearing a bra stuffed with tennis balls and a blonde wig—

and you cheer in all the right places as they lip sync and dance to Mamma Mia.

It's awesome and fun—honestly, they should have gotten first place—but you can't help that little twinge of envy.

What if I were up there?

You squash that thought quickly.

(Jealousy is irrational, anyway.)