Day 1

While I know in my heart this place will be indestructible, I still have to prepare for the worst. I've built an escape tunnel under my bedroom floor. The entrance is well hidden under a blue rug. The blue one. Not the red one. The red one is for the trap door where invaders and enemies will experience a slow, miserable death down in the dark.

Day 2

There are many aggressive bees around Clarence Keep. Beyond sweeping trash and frightening away arrogant cats who dare get too close to my kingdom, my broom has not seen much action. I am happy to report that today that all changed, and with many powerful, fortress-master swings I knocked their filthy hives down. Now my enemies know that I am great. Now, they know fear.

***Note that the cats are still showing an unacceptable amount of rebellious fuckwittery.***

Day 3

Managed to check out the roof security while looking for a place to put a helipad. I thought that I would fall through, given the poor repairs previously made by those foreign gentlemen I met in front of Home Depot. The landing pad will have to wait. And so will the anti-aircraft guns that fire laser beams. Pew, pew, pew.

Day 4

Doors and walls have been reinforced with lead and the robots that guard the perimeter have been fitted with kryptonite. Just in case.

Day 5

The bees aren't actually running away in terror. In fact, their bad attitudes have only gotten worse. They're organized. They'll seek revenge soon. I know it.

Day 6

I need a break. Greater men than I have taken breaks in their heroic moments. God took a break to rest. Michelangelo probably took a break to admire his work. Michael Jordan took a break to chase a dream in baseball. Today, I joined that very elite list by taking a break to smash those little brats on Fortnite.

Day 7

Back to the grind. Unfortunately, the red and blue rugs are gone and have been replaced with matching green ones. Mother has been in my room touching things again. Disrespectful hag. I will have to make a dungeon and banish her to it. It's a good thing I have such a sharp mind and a clear memory. I know exactly which rug is the right one.

Day 25

...well, shit.