~A Rainy Day In April~

Outside the rain is falling slowly and cold,

the air is damp, as the sky becomes gray.

But here It's dry, within my darkened abode,

I'm sheltered from those drops, and that spray.

At my desk, I gaze through a wet window,

my work lying idle, resting under my hands.

Across my lawn, the daylight does dwindle,

as I yawn, and think of dryer sweet lands.

Before my eyes the trees swing and sway,

as my chin sinks down toward my chest,

How can I now work, on just such a day,

with thoughts of dreams, or only my rest?

Sandman comes, and demands now his reign,

as I nod off, with a purring cat on my lap.

Unto her sweet dreams, I slip once again,

While enjoying, our lazy afternoon nap.