"Give it up Mastermind, you'll never win." Poet shouted to her archenemy as they dueled within his penthouse lair.

"Ah Poet, boasting is so beneath you." Mastermind mocked. "You've always been a woman of action."

Sending a blast of energy at Mastermind's head, Poet snarked back, "Is this Action enough for you!"

Effectively blinding her opponent, she slipped from his vision. She had to time this perfectly, lest Mastermind counter her stratagem.

"Using a Boast to throw me off, while blinding me with a Crackle shot?" The Lord Of Villains quipped, "Dirty pool Poet. I Like It"

Smiling nastily Mastermind shut his eyes and listened. Sensing movement from his left he feinted right, then triggered the trap hidden within his wall.

He was rewarded with a "GAH!" as tentacles grabbed the Scarlet Defender, restraining her.

Opening his eyes, he walked up admire his new wall art, "You know Poet, that offer to be my second is still in effect. Better that then rot in my dungeons." Mastermind reminded her. "I dare say I pay better than the Defender's Society does. Indeed, I throw in dental and vision in free with the health care package and my lowliest henchman enjoys the same legal representation that I do. All free of charge. Can you say the same for that antiquated, misogynistic, old boys club?"

"My offer to join the society as my partner still exists too, you know. You could do alot of good within the society if you gave up being a villian." Poet stated.

Both enemies stared at each other for a moment, them both admiring the other before Mastermind turned his back.

Smiling, he said. "Care to cancel the Doppel, Poet. I'm impressed, this one lasted well past any others I've seen you manifest. Still needs some work though. The Blurring around the edges is still noticeable"

Hearing nothing, he once more snarked out into his darkened office building. "Come now Poet, Sulking is so beneath you. Drop the Illusionary Hard Light Copy and let's finish this. I have reservations at LaSalle that I need to confirm or cancel within the next 15 min."

"I think you'll have to cancel Mind," A voice purred from behind his ear. Something sharp pressed itself to the back of his head. "Or better yet give the reservations to me, I haven't eaten at a restaurant like LaSalle in quite a while."

"You used Illusions to make me think you were a double" Mastermind chuckled. "Clever Girl. The reservations are for two."

Raising his hands, he knelt to the ground, "I surrender, I know that you're not one of those heroes afraid to dirty your hands. As if a no killing rule could make them any less the vigilantes they already are. Indeed, you have almost as much blood on your hands as me. Yet another thing that would make you do wonders in my employ. I have always admired your conviction."

Poet smiled sadly, "I only ever killed when I had to, when I faced those that either gave me no choice or death was the only answer for their crimes. You do it to prove a point. To me the taking of a life is a responsibility, a burden. I do what others have not the stomach or ability to do, to fight the evils of this world. You use murder as just another tool. That is all that any life is to you, just another piece in your game." Taking an intake of air she finished. "Well this part of the board is shut down for good."

Silently Mastermind muttered, "Not all lives are so easily discardable to me Poet, some are much more valuable then others."

Outloud he snarked. "I did say those reservations for LaSalle were for two, did I not? A last meal for the condemned man with the company of his choice as it were. A pleasant evening with a pleasant companion before jail?"

Poet narrowed her eyes, "Did you actually try to take over the city, just so that you can ask me out after I defeated you?"

Mastermind snorted, "Why not? I respect you. I like your company." Growling in a low tone that had Poet blushing he finished, "I happen to find you physically attractive as well. Its not like you ever gave me your number, even though you do have mine. How else was I supposed to ask you?"

Poets found herself considering, "He always was the only one that saw past my tits." The Heroine snarked to herself. "And he's not bad to look at, not bad at all."

Biting her lip, she allowed the traitorous thoughts to continue, "And it's LaSalle! The last time I was there I orgasamed from the food alone, made the disaster of the date almost worth it. Almost anyways."

Shaking the errant fantasies away she said, "I'm Sorry, Mastermind. I don't date villains, former villains perhaps, but not active. It would be to much of a conflict of interests."

Kneeling behind him, she slapped the nulifiers onto his wrists. "This is how it has to be between us," She thought to herself, "At least till we are on the same side, when that happens I will definitely make him mine."

"I know, but I felt I had to ask." Mastermind sighed quietly, "One day we will be on the same side, Poet. On that day I will ask again and perhaps your answer will change."

Slapping him in the back of the head, she snarled, "But that's not today is it? Instead you do this schoolboy crush bullshit! I have to be taken seriously in a male dominated workforce. Do you know how hard that is for a woman, especially for one that looks like a teen boy's wet dream?"

"You know I always wondered about that, why do Female heros dress like that?"

Considering the sound of his own words, he cursed at the accusation of them.

"I mean no disrespect, I was always curious about what being a heroine or villainess made females dress like actresses in a bad porn. For Males I always assumed it was a sexual power fantasy that made them put on tights. Surely it can't be the same for women? The Female of the species is much to intelligent for that."

Shaking her head at his awkward phrasing and smiling at how cute it was she answered.

"You hit the nail on the head, Mind. Males are dumb and we woman can't hide our assets so we make them another weapon in our arsenal. When your enemy undervalues you its easy to take advantage."

Pulling Masterminds hair back she brought her throwing knife to his throat as she huskily whispered in his ear. "Besides, knowing you can safely flaunt what you got without fear of attack is a powerful aphrodisiac."

Releasing her captives hair she stepped back, placing her dagger back in its concealed sheath, she continued their conversation. "Still, it would be nice for a male to see past my tits and ass. To not be distracted, us women among the powered turn our bodies into weapons in our arsenal not because we want to, but because we have too. None of you males have that need. Makes me a bit jealous sometimes."

"You know I never thought of you like that Poet, I value you as my archnemisis first, anything else comes secondary." Mastermind replied, answering her unspoken question.

"C'mon Mind, time to haul you in to the cops." Poet said outwardly, inwardly though she seethed at the unfairness, "Finally find a guy that values me and he's my greatest enemy. God damn, I hate this."

Yet, dispite her inner conflict she hauled him down to the ground floor, to deposit him with the waiting cops. As she moved to greet the press, Poet couldn't help but smile as a thought ran through her mind.

"It's not like any jail can hold him and I'll be there to stop him. With this new twist between us, I kinda want to see were things go."

It was then that everything went wrong.