Emma Todd

Emma shouldn't have gone into that house. She knew it would upset both Grayson and herself - but a part of her felt like she needed the closure. She was glad to go into that house, even if she hated it too.

At some point, Emma steered Grayson towards the hotel. She gave him the spare key she had for the room and walked towards the room. Emma stepped into the hotel room and gave a vague gesture inside of the room. "...Tada," She said, her eyebrow cocked up slightly.

Grayson smiled softly and closed the door after himself. He wrapped his arms and began to pull Emma to the bed, laying her down on it softly. Nuzzling into his wife, he kissed her cheek and smiled. "Tada," He whispered softly, giving her a warm hug.

Being in his arms, Emma just melted. She rested her head on his chest and closed her eyes, humming softly. After a few moments of silence, she decided to speak. She needed to clear the air - even if talking about it might make him more upset. "I'm sorry," Emma murmured softly. Grayson remained quiet, though continued to hold his wife. It was clear with his silence that he didn't want to talk about it - but Emma wasn't letting that stop her. "I just… I felt like I needed some closure." She murmured softly.

Gray remained silent, his only movement being him run his hand down her spine.

"The family that lives there is nice," Emma murmured softly. "One of their boys lives in my old bedroom. I don't know if I'd want to break it to him that I slept there."

"...Shh…" Grayson eventually said, though Emma had a small feeling Emma was being shushed for his sanity, not her own. Yet, she listened. She nodded her head and curled into her husband softly. She remained silent for a few moments before he spoke. "That… wasn't a bedroom, Emma. That was a prison. Please don't treat it like an old house," He murmured softly, squeezing her lightly.

Emma nodded her head. She remained curled up against her husband in silence. After about ten minutes, Grayson spoke. "Should we order some dinner? Maybe we can get out?"

Smiling, Emma uncurled herself from around her husband and laid back on the bed. She stared at the ceiling and yawned, rubbing the top of her head. "We have room service. Let's take advantage of that while we can."

...So they did.

Emma turned on the television as Grayson ordered dinner. Given that her stomach was somewhat upset after visiting Aaron's house, Grayson was ordering chicken noodle soup for Emma.

The soup arrived and, unlike at home, Emma let them eat on the bed. Eating soup was tricky on the bed, since she did dribble a few times, but she made it work. Finishing her meal, she put down the bowl and laid back. "You're going to let my sister out tomorrow, right?"

"Yeah," Gray said, placing down his own plate. He remained sitting up, but turned his head to look at his wife. "Sadly."

Emma smiled and closed her eyes. "...and she knows that I'm pregnant?"

"I told her, yeah."

Slowly, Emma let out a puff of air. "...I've got to tell my parents before she does." Emma would have liked to think her sister would be thoughtful enough to let Emma tell them - but, knowing her sister, she wouldn't. Even Grayson knew that.

"We can… call?" Grayson offered.

Emma nodded her head and sat up. She grabbed her phone and began to dial her mother's phone number, knowing that she would want to hear first. Grayson muted the television. Putting the phone on speaker, Emma leaned against her husband's shoulder. They waited in silence, listening to the ringing.

Then she answered. "Emma! I'm glad you called! If you didn't I was going to call you back. You know I would have."

Emma laughed and kissed her husband's shoulder softly. "I know, Mom." She said to the phone. "Grayson is here, too, by the way."

"Grayson? Oh Gray you are my favorite son right now." Emma's mother exclaimed. Grayson smiled at that, to which Emma laughed. Technically, Grayson would be Maxine's only favorite son - since she only ever had girls and Jess was a lesbian. "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Gray gave an awkward laugh and wrapped his arm around Emma. He rubbed her side and almost seemed to struggle a bit on knowing how to respond. "I've been thanking myself, too." Grayson said softly, though Max picked it up through the phone.

"You know, I was talking to Emma earlier. I was telling her that she ought to build you a shrine for all that you've done for her."

Grayson gave a slight snort. "I think Emma's doing plenty of building right now for me," He murmured. Gray shifted his hand from Emma's side over to her stomach. Emma blushed softly but leaned up, kissing his lips lightly.

Of course, Emma's mother was confused. "Emma? You're actually building him something?" She said - slightly with confusion and disbelief.

Emma chuckled and turned her head away from looking at her husband to looking at her phone. "Mom," She cleared her throat and started. "I'm pregnant."

Emma's mother gave a scream - a loud scream. Even loud through the phone. The scream lasted for a few seconds until it just… suddenly stopped. Grayson and Emma both made a face, and Emma leaned forward to grab her phone. She stared at the phone to see that her mother had… hung up?

Then Emma's phone started to ring again. Emma answered it, put it on speaker, only to hear the screaming continue. "Oh my God!" Maxine shouted. "My cheek hung up on you - I'm sorry. But, Oh my God you're pregnant! Emma! Congratulations!"

Grayson pressed a hand over his mouth to suppress his laughter. Emma was struggling herself. "Thanks, Mom."

"Joey - Joey!" Emma and Grayson both sat in silence as they listened to the shuffling on the other side of the phone. They heard footsteps, as well as some slapping. "Joey wake up."

"I've been awake from your screaming," Emma's father responded in the background, though not as clear as Emma's mother.

"Joey! Emma's pregnant."

"That's wonderful news, honey." Joey responded. "I'm sure-"

"I'm going to be a grandma!"


"Oh my God Emma is pregnant. Oh just wait until I tell my friends,"


"We're grandparents Joey!"

At this rate, Grayson and Emma were both laughing. Emma burrowed her head into Grayson's shoulder, trying to somewhat stifle her snickers. It wasn't working all that well.

"Maxine!" Joey eventually shouted. "How about we check on Emma before running around and screaming the news?"

"But Joey!" Max exclaimed. "A grandma!"

Grayson reached his hand up and cupped Emma's cheek softly while her parents bickered… about Emma being pregnant. Emma smiled and met his gaze, kissing his lips softly when he leaned down. Gray shifted his other hand over her stomach softly. "I love you," He murmured softly against her lips with a smile. Her parents weren't even listening at this rate. They were off on their own conversation entirely.

"Maxine, please," Emma vaguely heard through the phone from her father.

"I love you, too." Emma said with a giggle, smiling up at her husband.

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