The Legend of the Queens

Millions of years ago, the Universe was cooling down from the most violent event in its history: The Big Bang. There are many theories about this event, this explosion. According to the legend, it is the universe's natural response to an unnatural event contemporary science cannot achieve just yet: Time Travel.

As we are taught in school, Newton's Third Physical Law of Motion in Classical Mechanics states clearly: "When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body"; that is, for natural forces. Let's propose, then, a thought experiment: an unnatural force acting upon our natural world. What would happen if we also introduce the above-stated law? What is the opposite of an unnatural force?

We could say that, an unnatural force wouldn't produce a natural reaction, but, although obvious, an unnatural one. One of such unnatural actions is often known as Magic: how does the universe respond to it? There is, in fact, no way to know for certain, due to magic's own nature.

Magic varies greatly depending on its composition, how it was created, how it is used, the objective of the spell, the magical source used, and, more importantly, the type of magical energy used in its construction. Thus, the universe reacts differently to different spell compositions.

For instance, let's say a wizard designs and uses a simple fireball spell: the universe reacts by increasing the heat of an equal and opposite place elsewhere, to balance the reaction; but, when a different wizard designs and uses a fireball spell of their own, the universe might respond to this particular spell by draining the heat from an equal and opposite place elsewhere, again, to maintain its own balance.

Of course, this reaction depends on the magnitude and energy of the spell itself: more complex spells will balance out in a more complex way, or spells that require more energy will also require balance on a larger scale. Thus, spells that, for example, mess with an object's material composition, with the gravitational forces of an object, or specially with the time-space continuum, require a counter measure of extremely large proportions.

The Legend of the Queens contains an explanation to this event known as "The Big Bang", an explosion that shaped, if not created, the universe as a whole. As explained, it was the consequence of powerful magic from a man that not only attempted, but achieved time-space distortion so large he found himself at the beginning of all time.

He resisted the intense heat and bitter cold so common at that time, and was alive for billions upon billions of years. He watched the stars form one by one, and waited for the first planets to drift together. He recognized his own clump of land and waited patiently for the first proper humans to walk the face of Earth. It was then he took action, and used his own magical power to create a new creature from the void: he created a dragon.

A reptile larger than any other creature at the time, with powerful wings to rule the skies above, a great weapon like no other in nature: fire, and a deep communion with the natural world, to meld with it. He made the most fantastic predator no one ever knew in history.

Under his firm control and direct supervision, the Man ruled his early brethren to a future he designed, but not without opposition. In fact, his rule created jealousy and greed among humans, enough to attack the dragon in fruitless efforts. There was no way they could fight such a creature, and reluctantly followed the Man's every whim. For a time, that is.

Soon, these very men discovered creatures from beyond the universe the Man had observed; spirits of an abyss he knew all too well, but felt too early to confront. He underestimated the abilities of his early brethren, and thought them incapable of advanced magic just yet. He was wrong. These envious and greedy men managed to summon kindred spirits from an incomprehensible and dark world. With ideas of liberation and greater goods, they sealed a pact with their souls in exchange of power enough the confront the dragon, a simple deal where their souls where consumed, and a demons took its place. The result was known as a vampire, a demonic humanoid hybrid predator on par, in sufficient numbers, with the dragon.

The ritual didn't go unnoticed by the Man, but it was too late to realize his mistake. Rather, he assessed the potential danger this unholy race presented to the new world before him, his subjects and his dragon, and judged a new dragon would be needed to counter this threat. In fact, he made this new dragon specifically to mate with the first, and prolong the race for the years to come, and protect the land for years to come.

His creatures were not without flaw, though. They would need a human leader, one capable of feeding their intellect and reason, for alas they were predators, and leaving them to prey in the wild would surely and certainly be humanity's downfall. He chose himself for such a deed, but not his current form. This form was unfitting, unneeded; his negligence had created a threat that would harm the being he ruled, and a ruler without subjects is not a ruler at all.

He took a series of choices, then, that would affect Earth's future as a whole. First, he granted humanity's wish: to rule itself, without any dragon in charge. Second, he limited his own actions to the world of fantasy and myth, for in the shadows he would hunt the hunters of his people. Third, he birthed a child among men, a daughter that would understand the hardships of both men and dragonkin; he granted her power and wisdom akin to his own so she and her descent would forever rule as Queen of Dragons, Bridge between Races, Protector of Nature, Dragons and Men.

She wasn't the Man's first born. She was, in fact, the youngest of her house. The Man had other four sons before the Queen, and each one was given a name, a title and a dragon to keep company. The eldest son, of kind and knowing eyes, was given the first dragon the Man created, a fearsome creature of immeasurable power: he and his dragon were named the Father; the second brother, of unexpected beauty and femininity, was given the second dragon, a mate for the Father to create a race with: he and his dragon were named the Mother; the third son, of noble gaze and raging energy, was given the future of the dragon race, a dragon of immense potential in making: they were named the Firstborn; the youngest son, of proud gaze and strong features, was given the head of the new race to come, a gilded dragon others would follow; they were both named the Light.

The Man died shortly after giving his blessing and power to the Queen. He warned that, unlike her brothers, her reign would end and start anew, countless times until the end of time. The four dragons and their companions left for the corners of the world to protect the Man's subjects from vampires everywhere. The Queen died in due time and a new one rose from her daughters. The second queen died and one among her daughters soon followed. A third queen rose and fell; so did a fourth and a fifth. And whenever a queen died, a different rose up from the purest soul within the lineage of the first Queen to take her place, and continue to protect men and dragonkin from the threat of vampires ever since.

Such states the Legend of the Queens.

Author's Notes.

This is actually the work of a friend. He sent me the story a long time ago, and continued it for three or four chapter before he abandoned it, as far as I know. We've lost touch ever since, so I couldn't really ask him if it was ok to publish this, so I did it anyway.

I was originally trying to do some editorial work on his manuscript, but I got carried away and this is the final result. I plan on publishing his original (albeit, with some corrections) as chapter two of story, so you guys can compare and see the original work. I don't take any creadit for the original idea, so consider this a sort of remix.

If anyone has ever read it, and would like to contact the original author, I'd be more than happy to hear from him once more in a long time.

Thank you for reading to the end, and I hope this flared a couple ideas in someone's mind.