Chapter 1

"Now the kitchen floor was the same color as her hair"

A tear stained sixteen year-old, ran through the paved streets on a soundless September night, her blazing long red hair flying in the howling wind.

Her gray eyes puffy and a face that once turned heads now swollen and red. Where's grandma's house I need to tell her I need to tell her, maybe I've missed the house , why can't there be more light in the streets !thought Emma in frustration as she pushed her long sticky red hair out of her swollen eyes and then started to panic .

Bad thoughts started to creep into Emma's mind witch normally happens when you're worried I could be way passed the house or maybe the other side of town Emma's legs started to ache and her hands where numb with cold .Finally with relief she recognized the next narrow street which she had walked on many times before, with a sigh. Emma counted until she reached number sixty and recognized the small cottage.

She seized the old wooden gate which needed to be repaired urgently and saw from the outside that something was wrong, but that thought was nothing compared to what she had to tell her grandmother. There was no need to knock on the door, this was much more important than a stupid knock thought Emma as she through open the door.

"My parents got murdered!" Shrieked Emma she was now shacking from screaming and from the pain of the thought that her parents where now dead. Emma could picture everything to well in her head the sound of the shoot and then her parents on the floor they had done nothing wrong, or had they? And now life was taken from them like a flash of lightning.

Tacking in the scene around her Emma noticed, on the small coffee table, an elegant china vase which use to stand in the center was now smashed, the dripping of the water was the only sound she could hear, the pretty dandelions now scattered around the table and floor, she walked parsed the table avoiding the fragments of glass. To her hora under her grandmother's bedroom door, blood was trickling on to the pink hallway carpet. She knew what she would find behind the door without even opening it.

Thoughts where rushing through her mind when she heard an old man's voice "what you doing here?" Emma jumped around in fright and cried "grandpa! "There was too many things to say and she could not put them in to words, "my parents, and grandma dead! You what? Why?" Wailed Emma "don't fret, I know what happened "said Mark Amstrung calmly. But to Emma much too calmly .if my wife, daughter-in-law and son got murdered I would not just say "don't fret "thought Emma her temper rising.

She relaxed herself and Emma nervously replied "where should I go? What should I do? In a rush Mark said "grab the money from the safe in the kitchen, then go outside and your cousin, cousin Rhona will turn up, I called her to come when I escaped to fetch me, but I think it's better if you go with her, she'll tack care of you, ok?" Emma was not able to tack much of any information in, her mind was racing her stomach was rumbling and she felt wary all over .The only thing she wished for, was her cozy bed and tonight would only just be a bad dream. When you think of these things it's usually not a dream but reality.

While Mark was walking towards the kitchen .a tall handsome man with dirty blonde hair slipped in to the dining room and stood a few meters behind her grandfather, Emma was paralyzed in shock she could not scream, her mouth felt invisibly locket together. The guy was holding a small gun he raised the gun at that same time he turned his head to Emma and put his finger on his mouth, smiled and preset the trigger at Mark's neck.

The last thing Mark Amstrung did was sip his now cold coffee. The house felt more haunted then it felt before. Emma dashed to the kitchen and avoided looking at the floor while she stepped over her dead grandfather and walked to the cupboard under the sink where she knew the safe was, she was relieved that it was not bolted but open, she snatched the cash in a hurry all she wanted to do was get out of the now not so sweet cottage that she once knew of in her childhood. Emma turned around to leave and once again stepped over her grandfather but the only deference is now the kitchen floor was the same color as her hair.