Chapter 4

One of my friends got murdered

Dear diary Monday 10th of September

I've been at Aunt Rhone for now four days ,it's getting so boring .There's nothing to do around here .I occasionally help her clean the house, sometimes I sit in the garden and read tedious books. There isn't normal people around here, it's just old grannies and stuck-up ladies that are all so protective over their spoilt children. It's crazy ,the only exiting thing that's happing, besides eating lunch, is that there has been now in Rio, over five murders in one week! It's mad.

I read about it in the news today (that's one of my tedious "books"), When I read the article I actually started to cry, one of my friends got murdered, Corin Zeff, she was one of my best friends in school. She had a brother four years younger than me, we all used to quarrel when he was around, and he probably started all the fights. That now goes back to my education Aunt Rhona said there is a high school around the corner from here, she's just going to phone the principle, I hope it's an ordinary school.

I shouldn't mention this, but I'm so fussy over friends and schools, everyone that lives here thinks I'm mad ,so friends won't come easy I really do miss my friends in Rio. I wrote each of them a letter explaining what happened, and gave the letters to Aunt Rhona to post. In truth I'm upset that they never replied.

Emma put down her pen, she closed her diary with her messy scrawls and threw her diary on the carpet floor. She was wearing her favorite Blizzard Blue t-shirt and jeans, her clothes arrived two days ago, with all her belongings and her diary.

"Emma." cried Aunt Rhona from the kitchen." I've got good news to tell you, come to the kitchen."

"What is it?" asked Emma.

"I just got off the phone with Mrs. Oupcom she's the principle of gl├╝cklicher Ort High School she called back to tell me she is thrilled for you to come to her high school, she is going to arrive here in a few minutes to have a meeting with you, about the school rules and regulations."

She never even asked me if I wanted to go to this stupid school, Emma thought crossly to herself.

"Oh, that's such nice news." said Emma, knowing that she sounded just the opposite.

"Perhaps you should do something with your hair, but otherwise that top dose look very good on you" advised Cousin Rohan. Emma knew she was trying to wrap up her last comment in cotton wool.

"I'll go up to my room." said Emma awkwardly.

She ran up the stairs and flagrantly open her bedroom door, then rumbled around in her handbag for her brush, finally she found it. And began brushing her long thick hair, crunching her face every time there was a knot. Emma steeped aside to the mirror next to her bed and started to put her make-up on, when she heard a familiar voice

"Emma come down! Mrs. Oupcom is here for you." yelled cousin Rhona from down stairs.

Emma quickly put her hair in a high elastic, and in a hurry started to finish off her make-up, if cousin Rhona complained about my appearance than I'm going to show her, that I can be more put together than she thought. Thought Emma infrustration.

She was so caught up in I told you so thoughts, that she got a fright when cousin Rhona walked in to her room, her lips closed tightly together.

"You better go down, not a very good first impression is it?" she was saying these words through her teeth, then she gazed at her with a harsh look.

Cousin Rhona stepped aside from the door, letting Emma go past. Emma trotted down the stairs, and into the dining room. There sat a very petit woman, she had fake blonde hair, Emma assumed it must have been dyed, her hair was pushed back with a huge clip. And a clipboard was resting on her arm.

"Hello Emma." she smiled, she had a much too deep voice for a female, which creeped Emma a bit.

"Hi." replied Emma.

She sat down opposite Mrs. Oupcom, the only thing between them was a small coffee table, which had Emma's diary on it, someone must have picked it up from the floor thought Emma hastily.

"Your name is Emma.", it seemed like she was talking more to herself then to Emma. then Mrs. Oupcom started to write on her clipboard frantically like there was no tomorrow, "how can she tell what kind of person I am if the only word I said was "hi", thought an irritated Emma. After writing along essay she put her round glasses on, and looked up at Emma.

"You are sixteen, correct?" she asked slowly.

Coldly Emma replied "Yes."

Mrs. Opcom started to write fast again turning pages and ticking, "probably writing a note to her friend" thought Emma in anger to herself.

"Let me tell you about our rules." she continued. "our school is a fabulous place for growing teenagers like yourself and for that we need rules, rule one." she put her glasses back on and rumbled throw her uncountable number of sheets, as she was doing this most of the papers were falling on the floor, she picked the papers up and sat up cheerfully pretending nothing had happened.

Emma was good actress, she sat on the coach happily as if nothing was bothering her, Mrs. Opcom at last found the sheet and started to read in her deep voice.

"Rule one, whatever the circumstances are you are obligated to do your homework every day, rule two, no missing classes, rule three, no bulling. "How many more to go". Wondered Emma rudely. And the list went on and on, her deep voice was only why Emma was listing if she never had such a scary voice, she would have been already falling asleep. Her voice going through one ear and coming out at the other.

"Pardon." Emma replied quickly.

"I asked you a question, very bad very bad." Mrs. Opcom mumbled, you're not listing, are you?" she objected.

"I was, I just didn't remember what you said." stammered Emma

"Forget what I said, can you show me to the door please." she asked finally.

She stood up, and now Emma could see her properly she was wearing a leaped print pencil skirt and a brown polo neck. She was about to walk down the stairs and into the garden, when she looked back and said "Here is your timetable." Emma was surprised that she could find it so easily amongst her billions of papers. Emma took the paper.

"So, I'm accepted." Emma gasped

"Well I wouldn't give you a timetable for fun." With that she turned around and walked down the stairs. Good riddance thought Emma, she closed the door than looked at her Timetable.

Tuesday: Math, Break, History, a free, Break, Geography, Break, a free, Computers, break, Science than break.

"I can't wait to go to school tomorrow." Emma whispered sarcastically.

Note from Author.

hey all. so basically i hoped you enjoyed. this chapter is short but they will get longer. please excuse any typo mistakes it's hard to control even after editing. new chapters are coming soon so stay tuned, WATCH THIS SPACE! have a great weekend.