Chapter 6

Joshuah was feeling shy and insecure when he went to school on Monday but Donzella's face lit up when she saw him for the first time since their volcano experience and she kissed him right on the lips in front of everybody!

"I'm so happy to see you!" She beamed.

Things were different now between them, this Joshuah knew. He saw her differently - more intimately. She had seen him naked and she did something to him he'd never forget and she was still willing to be seen with him, to talk to him, to kiss him.

He wondered if they would make it after what had happened, nervous because she didn't last with Dennis Watson even after what she had done with him.

Joshuah remembered everything Donzella said to him. He memorized every moment spent with her, fascinated that they were actually together and that she had admitted her fetish to him.

He visited the house that afternoon, as usual, spending quality time with Minnie. Sometimes Joshuah was at the house when Donzella's parents came home from work. They liked him because they saw how good he was with Minnie and he stayed for supper a few times.

Joshuah enjoyed seeing Donzella's parents together.

"They really love each other," he observed one evening during their make-out session on the couch at his house.

"Of course they love each other, silly," Donzella laughed.

Joshuah was moved. "The way they talk to each other and look at each other, like they're both a part of each other," he said. "They're genuinely affectionate with each other."

Donzella laughed. "I shouldn't tell you this, but one time I came home from a date. Tenth grade I think. They didn't hear me come in. They were humping like teenagers on the living room floor."

"Naked?" Joshuah asked with surprise.

"As jaybirds," she giggled.

"My parents didn't like each other," Joshuah revealed with sadness. "It's as though my father's alcoholism slowly poisoned my mother with hate. By the time I came along they were unable to tolerate each other."

"I guess that's why your mom left," Donzella sighed.

"I'm glad your parents love each other," Joshuah said.

"And they love me and my sister too," Donzella said happily as she cuddled against him.

"Why do you like looking at dicks so much?" Joshuah blurted out, not as an accusation or criticism, but because he was genuinely interested in knowing what it was all about.

"I don't know," Donzella admitted with a gulp, falling back on the couch and giving it some thought. "I had an older cousin I didn't see much," she recalled. "But I went shopping with her once when I was like twelve and we stopped by her apartment on the way back. She had a bar set up in the living room and underneath the glass were all these naked guys, full frontal, with their dicks hanging out for me to see."

"That was your first time seeing them?"

"Of grown men, yeah," she said. "A few years ago, I dated a guy who liked to watch porno," she revealed. "I thought it was disgusting but I guess I saw enough swinging dicks and oral sex to maybe have it psychologically affect me. Who knows?"

"You don't feel guilty about it?" Joshuah asked.

"Why should I?" She shrugged. "My parents were very open and progressively minded about sex. I just don't want pictures of me all over the internet doing it."

Joshuah knew that Donzella had sex before and he knew better than to bring that up but the thought of it made him feel inferior knowing there were other guys who knew about Donzella in a sexual way.

He figured she'd ask him when she was ready to see his dick again or work the volcano and in the meantime they continued with their Minnie afternoons and make out/cuddle sessions on his couch in the evening. Joshua didn't have a car so Donzella did most of the driving when they went out for dinner or pizza or to a movie.

On a Saturday, Donzella invited Joshuah to her house. Her parents had taken Minnie to an adaptive program getaway in Vermont so the two teens had the house to themselves. They hung out in Donzella's room where Donzella showed Joshuah pieces of her childhood life, including her stuffed animals, American Girl Dolls, mementos from her trip to Disneyworld, and some of her scrapbooks and photo albums.

"You enjoyed a much more uplifting and fulfilling upbringing than me," Joshuah admitted.

They were sitting on her bed and Donzella wrapped her arms around Joshuah and squeezed him while staring into his eyes, the spring sunshine coming through the bedroom window lighting her face in a warm glow.

"You're with me now," she said with understanding.

"It's a nice place to be," Joshuah replied. "I've been lonely for so long."

"You can become a different person now," Donzella advised. "And still be yourself."

Joshuah sighed and fell back on the bed. "But who am I?" He wondered aloud.

"You're my boyfriend," Donzella giggled, springing from the bed.

She stripped down to her underwear and a tee shirt, reaching up underneath the shirt to remove her bra which she let fall to the floor. She turned her back to him and peeled her underwear down her legs, revealing her backside for him to see for the first time. It was their first intimate moment beyond making out since the Volcano incident.

Donzella turned to face him, naked from the waist down and Joshuah's eyes went wide.

"Show me your dick," she said.

Joshuah kicked off his sneakers and pulled his pants and underwear down his legs and onto the floor. Donzella motioned for him to get off the bed and when he did she pulled the covers down and they both slipped into the bed, Donzella pressing close against him.

"Joshuah with an h for hard on," Donzella giggled as she lifted her leg over his and rubbed her thigh against his penis.

She slipped her hand under the covers and found his dick, causing him to wiggle. "Relax," she whispered.

Donzella rubbed his shaft for a few minutes but then she unexpectedly hopped out of the bed with her back to him, wiggling her bare ass while looking over her shoulder and smiling and then she actually stuck her tongue out at him.

"Come and get me," she dared before darting from the room.

The two ran through the house bare ass naked from the waist down laughing and yelling. Joshuah hoped nobody saw them through the windows.

Donzella finally got tired and Joshuah was able to catch her, gently tackling her to the living room floor and she looked at him with a sheepish smile on her face.

"Let's fuck right here like my parents did," she dared, sounding relaxed and determined.

"It's my first time," Joshuah said, as they lay on their sides on the carpet facing each other.

"I know," Donzella said with understanding, reaching her hand out to take his throbbing penis in her palm.

She pushed him onto his back and she rolled on top of him and Joshuah knew enough to cup her butt with his hands.

"Gently," Donzella requested.

Joshuah felt her warmth against his groin and she used her other hand to stroke his hair. He closed his eyes because he felt them tearing up but she rubbed the side of his face with the back of her hand.

"It's okay," Donzella whispered. "Ssshhh."

Joshuah held his breath so he wouldn't cry and Donzella kissed him passionately and meaningfully.

"I'll teach you," she promised as she licked at his lips.

When it was over, Donzella and Joshuah lay on the carpet next to each other staring at the ceiling above them, breathless and exhausted, their hair wet from sweat, Donzella's matted on the side of her face, her shirt which she never removed drenched from perspiration.

She turned to look at him and she surprised when he gave a satisfied laugh in response instead of crying like he was afraid he might.

"You miss your mother," Donzella said with understanding.

"Not right now," Joshuah admitted contently as he leaned in and kissed her. "And I don't mind being Joshuah with an h either."

She grinned. "Do you mind being with a girl named Donzella?"

"Never," he promised, giving her another kiss.

"Hello, Joshuah with an h," she said dreamingly. "Joshuah with my heart."