Rows of houses line the streets

The lights are on, the people meet

There's a party, and you're invited

The thought of fireworks keeps all excited

The smell of bonfire toffee fills the air

You scratch at your scabs, you've not yet grown back your hair

You wife slaps at your hand, and goes to greet others

The sons and the daughters, most only with mothers

They laugh and they chatter and they all think not

Of the bodies beneath them, the maggots and rot

The weight of a body, stuck deep in the mud

The bite of the bullet, the stick of the blood

The wailing of sirens, man's cry of despair

Soldiers walking blindly, no clue as to where

The lights, blurring, burning, poison in the air

Search lights pinning, stuck like a caught hare

A tremble shakes the earth, the buildings, your hands

A nation's defeat from another's demands

The ceiling spins wildly, this building will fall

Suffer quietly, red poppies grow tall

Laughter, noise maker, a pop and a clink

A sound of disgust, cheap wine down the sink

And you're back.