One week later

"You still have your wedding list from back then?" Lucy asked.

I was sitting in her living room with her and Zoe, while the kids were having their midday nap in the bedroom next door. Just like Zoe, Lucy was just as eager to help me with the wedding preparations. There was a lot to do until then and we couldn't start our planning soon enough. I drew the list from my bag, having quickly rewritten it at home. The original version was already too worn and had also gotten a little dirty. "Here it is," I said and put it on the table, visible for the two of them.

"That's pretty much," Zoe remarked after a first glimpse at it.

Lucy nodded. "It is," she agreed. "But we'll get it done. After all, we managed it back then, too."

I tapped on the sheet of paper. "What we gonna start with?"

"Let's see!" Zoe took the list from the table and was now reading item after item. "Choose church/talk to the pastor, choose wedding dress, dresses for bride's maid/ suit for man attending the bride, put up the guest list, choose suit for the groom, book photographer and music for the party, send invitations, get flower decorations and bridal bouquet, choose wedding rings and get them engraved, order wedding cake/cake testing, dancing course, book catering, book honeymoon trip, make appointment at the hairdresser, prepare wedding speech/write it, party planning, rehearsal at the church." She lowered the list. "Phew, that's really a lot. Will we get all that done in four weeks?" she asked in doubts.

"Maybe we should split it between us," Lucy suggested.

I nodded. "Good idea. Each of us gotta have a certain task. And the guys can do one thing, too," I added quickly.

"Back then, Seth took care of the music and the photographer. Can he do it again this time?" Lucy queried.

"Sure, I'll ask him later. Anything else?"

"You two definitely need to sing again," she added.

"Sing?" Zoe looked back and forth between us in confusion.

I wanted to reply to that, but Lucy was faster.

"Oh how those two can sing!" she said, rolling her eyes enthusiastically. "They sung a duet back then. It was so romantic!"

I smiled embarrassedly. "Well, actually it was a pretty spontaneous kinda thing," I played the whole thing down. "We didn't even really have time to practice."

"But for that it was really great!" Lucy assured again.

"Wow, I didn't know you can sing."

I briefly told Zoe about how I had been singing in a choir many years ago and how it had always been my dream to be on a stage. The double wedding had made that possible back then.

"And Seth used to be in a band," Lucy threw in. "Oh please, you two gotta sing again!" she begged. "It was the absolute highlight of the entire party!"

"I don't know…," I said hesitantly. "First I gotta ask Seth. But maybe we could look what else is on the list first."

Lucy nodded. "This time, I'll take care of the wedding cake and the location."

I remembered what Seth and I had been talking about the night before. "Seth suggested we celebrate in Big Bear Lake. He already asked Kate and George. They'd be okay with opening their house for the wedding guests again. And they could marry in the little church on the hill."

Zoe clapped her hands in excitement. "That's great!" she exclaimed. "I could visit my parents and introduce them to Bryan then."

"They haven't met him yet?" Lucy asked in surprise.

Zoe shook her head. "After the bad experiences with my ex, I wanted to wait a little longer before officially introducing Bryan to them as my new boyfriend."

"How long have you been with you ex?" Lucy wanted to know.

"Three months." Zoe rolled her eyes. "And then I told him I'm pregnant and he was gone."

I softly squeezed Zoe's arm. She had told me the whole story back then, and you could still sense how bitter and hurt she was thinking back to this time. "Bryan won't ever leave you," I said, full of confidence. "He's all doting on Luna."

Zoe looked at her bracelet. "Bryan is the one, if you know what I mean?" She grinned shyly. "Okay, I know we've only been together for a few months, but for me there's no one else anymore."

"Wait! Stop!" I raised my hand. "First it's Jessica's and Logan's turn. After that, we can start thinking about you and Bryan." I looked back at the list. "Where were we? Oh yeah, Lucy wanted to take care of the wedding cake. Anything else?"

"Dancing course, flowers, hairdresser? Whatever you want." She shrugged.

"Bryan's a great dancer," Zoe threw in. "He could teach Logan and Jessica."

"Okay, you ask him if he'd take that part." I took a red pen and ticked off the items we had already discussed.

"I'll get the flowers and look for a hairdresser," Lucy said.

"You're doing enough then. I'll ask Seth to take care of finding suits with the men. And we'll go with Jessica to buy a wedding dress."

"Oh yes, I can barely wait to see Jessica in a wedding dress." Zoe rolled her eyes. "She'll look pretty in a wedding dress."

I nodded. "By the way, Kayla asked me if she'll get to choose a dress for herself, too. She's all excited for her mommy and Logan to marry."

"Luna still needs a dress, too," Zoe said. "She's the flower girl. Does Kayla know about the baby yet anyway?"

I nodded. "Yeah, she knows. And she's looking forward to it. But this time she'd like a sister, she told Seth."

We all couldn't help but laugh heartily, but then our eyes fell back onto the wedding list. We weren't even close to done with it.

"Let's see what else there is," Zoe said and took the list in her hand. "Choose a church/talk to the pastor, put up a guest list, send invitations, choose wedding rings and get them engraved, book catering, book honeymoon trip, prepare wedding speech/write it, rehearsal at the church," she then read aloud.

"We don't need to choose a church anymore. If Logan and Jessica are okay with it, they can marry in the church Warren, Lucy, Seth, and I already married in," I said to Zoe. "They only need to talk to the pastor. And we don't need to send invitations either. The bridal couple will take care of that."

"What about the wedding rings?"

"Logan and Bryan will get them. They wanna drive to Big Bear City for it again." I looked at Lucy. "Would you write the wedding speech?"

"You mean because of my skills as a writer?" she asked with a smirk.

I nodded. "I believe you're the one best with words. Unfortunately, I'm not that talented with it."

Lucy nodded. "Okay, I'll do it. I just need some background information about the two. I haven't known them for too long, after all."

"I'll ask Seth," I promised her. "Logan's his best friend, and I'll just ask Bryan about Jessy."

"Great, then we got that done, too," Zoe said and rose. "I'll go and check on the kids," she said and then vanished in the room next door.

I turned to Lucy. "It's crazy how everything repeats itself, isn't it?"

She nodded. "Are you aware that we'll be celebrating our first wedding anniversaries in four weeks already?"

"Time really did fly by," I said thoughtfully. "So many things happened since then."

Zoe reentered the room. On her arms she was carrying a sleepy Luna. "Sean's slowy waking up, too," she said to me.

"I'm going." I quickly rose and then went over to look after my little son.