A young angel, sent from the heavens to watch over the mortals of the world, does the duty given to them without fail, but as if fated falls deeply in love with one they were sent to watch. A human with a beauty beyond the pearl white gates of Arcadia and with a mind as sharp as any blade.

It was soon after the coming of age for the human, that angel gained the courage needed to speak with them, hiding away their angelic form fearing rejection or forced praise, and it had worked not long after they fell into a deep love for each other. As the years passed the love they had only grew, but with it so did the human in age, yet the angel stood as beautiful as the day they met, never changing, looking pure as freshly fallen snow on a cold winter morning.

The human having noticed never asked nor spoke of it, for they knew, it was something that was beyond them, and they cared not. They loved them for who they were, not what they were, and so they lived happily, always there when the other needed them to be, always to be found in each other arms on calm days, but like all mortals, the humans day of death came.

The angel not knowing this and on orders from their creator was not there for the one they loved the most. Only to learn of this later when they returned to the dead hands of thier love. The young angel learning of their lovers death were flooded with grief and anger for the first time, something never before felt by the angel, and it drove them to madness. The young angel driven by this this new found madness set out to find the reaper that dared to touch their lovers soul and killed them, taking the reaper scythe as their own, and thus their loves soul who still resides in the blade.

Sadly the human lived only as an echo of their former self, damned to an eternity of purgatory by the angels own hands. The angel in killing a Grim Reaper committed a grave sin not only to his creator, but to the natural order, As punishment they were stripped of the Angelic powers they possessed and Scarred with wings black as death.

They were sent back to the mortal realm, that they once found beautiful, but now only saw it as an empty shell of what once was as they were forced to watch over the souls of the damned, repaying their sins for all eternity. So now the fallen angel in black, with a Scythe of death, walks the ashes of life, watching as the world around them falls to the flames of time, giving advice to all those who listen to the silent cries

"fear not the blade of death, for when you breath your final breath, it is me who shall guide you home, through the ocean of life and deaths field of brome, so do not fear death, for when you draw that final breath, I shall take you home"