We left you in primroses, left you in bluebells,

We left you with blossoms upon the pear tree.

We've been round the rooms and we've said our last farewells;

Farewell, old house, you'll see no more of me.

Farewell, the attics where boys ran a train-line;

Gone, the floor wrecked where they jumped from their bunks.

On the low doorways, new heads will grow pain-lined;

Under new children, more floors will be junked.

Lost in the garden, the tail of a slow-worm,

Torn from its roots by a cat's grasping paw.

Long may you live, that a new one may grow, worm;

Farewell, all beasts; we will see you no more.

Farewell, the house where a family grew up!

Farewell, the rooms where a couple grew old.

Come, the new owners, and make your first brew-up;

Cherish this house, lest its heart should grow cold.