Intro: Kids havin kids man,

I don't know about y'all

but I think this is a real crisis.

Check it out

Verse : Martha was a pretty dame

Simple and plain but yo she lived the fast lane

Partyin all day and night

Only 15 and quite bright

But at the same time she had no insight

Into her actions and what it would lead her to

She met a man named Matt, he had a six pack

And his eyes were blue

Martha was awestruck, she couldn't believe her luck

That she met such a good lookin young buck

But yo Matt was only 16 with no job

Still lived with his mom and was quite the slob

But Martha fell in love with Matt

They would just sit and chat

Watch movies together

Martha thought they would last forever

But a week after they made love

Matt disappeared and was not seen or heard of

Now Martha is 15 and expectin

She never dreamed

she would be this young and pregnant

Now she's feelin hazy cuz she's carryin a baby

It's drivin her crazy

And she feels like Brenda from

2Pac's "Brenda's Got A Baby"

She's not ready

The situation is gettin heavy

It's just too much for Martha to bare

It feels like she's bein sucked dry of air

She's livin in despair

Cuz now that she's pregnant

Martha can no longer live without a care

People just stare

When Martha walks by

She sits on the bench

Looks at her pregnant stomach and sighs

As she breathes real heavy

She thinks to herself "God I'm Not Ready"