I still recall the day I laid eyes on you.

I never knew I'd fall for a guy such as

Yourself and it happened for real.

I am happy for that.

We've been through shit

And we nearly gave up for good.

One day, we realized we shouldn't

Let anything cross our path and ruin what we have.

We used to be distant and despite that,

I still loved you unconditionally.

My love for you never died

Even when we were apart.

Now, we're closer than ever

And nothing can ever change that.

You keep me safe and warm

On my coldest days.

On my darkest days,

You lighten the mood

With your smile

And your love and affection.

I'll never let us fall apart

Like before.

I'll always fight

To keep our rekindled romance alive and well for the both of us forever more.