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Story I: Golden Dynamo
Chapter II: What We Don't Know

At an unknown location, Jon woke up. He looked around and took in his surroundings, it didn't help that the room was near pitch black, the only notable thing about the room was that everything was smooth and cold like tile. In his mind, he expected that something like this would happen sooner or later, trying to change the way that the world works would anger many powerful people. Jon was surprised that they didn't just assassinate him at the panel, although he thought that this was going to end up in his death anyway; but just as the thought left his head, a door opened and slammed shut, the sounds of heavy footsteps came down a set of creaky wooden stairs until finally coming down on the cold tiled floor of the basement. Jon went completely quiet as a commanding, yet, smooth voice slithered its way to him, "Jonathan Speyer, do you enjoy screwing us over? Again, and again, every time you release something new and unheard of, it's a hit! I'm happy for you Jon, but the problem is, is that they don't bring me any income. All of the money goes to you and the electric companies now and not us; it's almost like you're trying to phase us out."

Jon tried to get out of this unfortunate situation, he wasn't restrained, but it didn't help that he couldn't see because of the darkness, but he felt obligated to reply to the mysterious man's statement, "Your industry is just getting really old; one day you're gonna drill this planet to death and there will be only you to blame, we have to change. Stuff can't stay the same forever, so you have to stop being so afraid!"
As he said this, he felt a punch so hard that it was like being hit in the stomach by a truck. "You are one cocky S-O-B, Jon. This is a dangerous game you're playing, don't you understand?"

"Who are you anyway? Maybe you should turn the lights on, so I can actually see who you are, face to face!" the lights came on, the sudden brightness blinding Jon as if he looked right into the sun. Squinting his eyes, Jon could see a blurry image of a very large, bald man in a white suit, but he couldn't make out the face, he needed time to focus.

But as he was getting his bearings he was knocked down again by the man, as he stated in a slimy tone, "You're not going to get out of this, Jon. I was your best friend for so many years and now you turn around and try to destroy my business! I could never forgive you for trying to take me out of the game." It was then that Jon Speyer knew exactly who the man behind all of this was.

"Elliot Mathers? Is that you?"

"Jon it's been too long. You were always such a great friend to me, helping me with ideas, helping me get through school… but that's the problem, Jon. You have always been better than me, I've always made out like a bandit by piggybacking on someone else's success, but you… you've gotten successful by yourself, you've made allies, and grew your company the honest way. I was always so envious of you."

"So, it was your thugs that sabotaged Daisuke Akiyama's car? Why would you kill someone just to get to me?"

"Not just you, your entire company, your family, your friends, they'll all be seen as killers, dangerous inventors that create things that don't work, and kill people. After the death count rises, my oil will make a comeback."

"It was all for the money, all for you. You couldn't come up with something better than me, so you took drastic measures?!"

Elliot grabbed Jon's short, greasy hair and got uncomfortably close to his face, "Jon, it was never about honesty or if I could make something better, that's not what matters. What matters is what people think and the amount of money that comes flowing into my pocket because of it. You've done your business in such a flashy fashion and did it so well, you sold yourself, your product and you made promises you could keep. That's disrupting the natural order and that's why you're here now."

"You're fucked up."

"Maybe, but what matters is that I didn't fuck up. You did. If you're gonna play the game, play it right or don't play at all." The hulking beast tossed Jon to the basement floor, "I'll figure out what to do with you later."

"I'm not even tied up, can't I just …escape?"

"The minute you walk out of this basement door, you'll be shot. There's no point in keeping you tied up. Now, I must go deal with another annoyance, don't be too loud or there'll be consequences." His former friend warned with a scummy smile on his round, fat face "Talk to you soon, Jon." He taunted and closed the door.

"Dammit! I'm so screwed, where's the police? Where's Minerva? I don't want to be alone." Jon pleaded as the room became dark again.