To My Future Children,

The list below is a collection of lessons and advice I have learned throughout my life. I wish for you to follow these rules and guidelines to ensure that you have a happy and virtuous life.

(Please note this is only twenty of the thousand)

Look people in the eye, especially when talking to them

Have a firm handshake

Be nice to everyone unless they give you a reason not to

Be grateful for what and who you have in your life

Appreciate books and reading

When it comes to tools you can never have to much

Don't make fun of people for liking something that you don't

Sex is for love not for fun

Marry for love

Thrive for a career, not a job

If your gonna smoke it should be tobacco (pipes and cigars only)

Work hard and spend money wisely

You hair and the clothes says alot about make sure it's something good

Be intune with your nature roots

Learn to fight

Learn to love

Respect your elders

Have a nice balance of frugality and consumerism

Learn to fix and make stuff

Have a good every day carry