We watched as the sky lit up with bouncing lights, shimmering across the twilight hour.

I stood at my opened window, just watching in amaze. After a few minutes, a terrible high pitched noise began to play through the airwaves and I ducked, covering my head from the pain it caused my ears.

I wobbly sat back up and to my astonishment, a large ufo was spinning around in the sky, colourful disco lights shining from its spinning sides.

A second later it hit the earth like a hammer and dust, rocks and land flung through the sky, as the ufo settled itself down.

I ran out of my room to the front door, and pulled it opened in suck a yank I nearly made it come off. I ran down the street, seeing other people were heading towards the craft as well. I got pushed and shoved as I entered the crowds, but we all fell to the ground when another high pitch sound pummeled the airwaves.

I blinked my eyes, weakened by this and looked up, seeing these beautiful sentient creatures stepping out of the craft and walked down to the ground, peering around suspiciously.


I stumbled to get on my feet as I looked at the effeminate aliens more in awe than terror. I could see they were using a translator.

"This is planet earth, right?"

Every human was quiet, before I peeped, afraid.


"Strange." The female lead alien spoke, as if in wonder, "It looked a lot more well kept the last time we were here."

"Hmm..." another one of the aliens hummed out, "This is where the best humanoid dishes come from, at least that's what the holiday guide book says."

"Yes," a young pink alien uttered looking at the crowds of humans, "But it did say they needed to be hunted."

"Ah ha!" the alien replied, looking eager to start, "That's right! For sport,"
"Excuse me?!" A heavy middle-aged woman shouted, "We are not sport, you thick aliens-"

She never got to finish her sentence as a laser beam went through her chest, causing a giant whole that could be looked through.

She collapsed to the ground, dead, as the people started to run amuck in the cities.

I looked back to the sky to see more alien ships were descending over the cities.

I jumped into a large waste bin, and watched as the people screamed and shrieked as lasers went off all throughout the land.

I ducked in the waste, darkness surrounding me, and after a few hours, I could hear no more cries. I lifted the roof of the bin, and saw dead bodies of people being sucked up by a vacuum like machine, before being put through a grinder.

I watched in horror as my old human civilians were made into a meaty paste that the aliens used to cook on barbeques and grills. I nearly vomited at the site.

I swallowed and closed the lid again, tears swelling around my eyes before they slipped down my cheeks.

I stayed in the bin for a couple of days, but soon there wasn't enough food waste to eat and I needed more scraps. I swallowed in fear, as I slipped out of the trash bin and ran to a nearby shop that had been exploded and ravaged.

I grabbed a bag and carried as much food with me as I could.

As I went to the door to leave, I heard a voice say.

"Hey, you!"

I froze stiff. I turned around and saw a young pink alien look at me in wonder.

"You're a human!"

"Please!" I begged, falling on my knees and pleading, "Please don't kill me! I'll do anything you want! But please let me keep my life!"

"Anything?" The female alien said with a smile, "Even be my pet?"

I looked at her astonished, and uttered out, "What?"

"Be my human, I've always wanted one of my own."

My mouth hung opened and I stared at her, shocked.


"So is that a yes?" She asked, blinking her eyes in delight.

I didn't know what to say, I uttered out, "I-I-I"

She held out a laser gun and I spat out "Okay!"

She got out a leash from her fanny pack and tied it around my neck like I was a dog.

I came out of the store with her, and all the aliens gasped when they saw me.

"A human!"

"Yep," the alien girl said proud, "Can I keep him?"

"I don't know."

"C'mon!" The alien demanded, "He'll be good for breeding!"

I gulped when I heard this.

The aliens looked back and forth between one another before the more dominant alien said.

"Oh fine, but if he goes feral..."

"He won't"

She tugged my leash and I followed her inside the ship. She pushed me into a small room, with just the tiniest of windows, and I watched a few days later, the earth start to disappear from sight as the ufo took flight.

I was curled up in a ball, as I lay there crying when I saw the door open, and in come a monster, snarling and spitting saliva all over its mouth. I yelped, pressing back against the wall, and saw its black beady eyes stare at me in desire.

"Here's your mate, human..." I heard the alien speaker over my head say, "Show her some loving!"

I stared ahead at her, as she ran towards me, and I bellowed out such a yell as she mounted me.

I wish I could say there was a happy ending... I guess the fact that I am now the father of three half-human monsters is something.

Well, as my alien owner would say, 'Life is life'.

In more ways than one.