I could hear her voice echoing across the mountains. It sounded so angelic and beautiful. One of the reasons why I loved her. Or why I had loved her.

You see, the princess was getting into a bad habit lately. Whenever we made love the last few days, she had broken into delighted song. I tried to shut her up, but by that time I had already gotten out of the mood and ended up not feeling aroused anymore.

"What's wrong, Johnathon?" she asked me with a whimper as we walked around the neighbourhood.

"Nothing..." I said, my voice not really emoting how I actually felt.

"I can see you are quiet!"

Oh no, I thought as she started back up in her singing.

"But you are my heart and fire!"

"Listen, princess." I said to her, glaring into her large big blue eyes, "It's just... you sing whenever we are doing it"

"I can't keep in my song!" She cried, and looked at me hurt, "And every time I touch I just want to serenade you!"

"Please, can you be a little bit quieter," I asked. I saw some people walking up the stop, and as they approached, I realized they were my parents.

"Er- let's get out of here," I begged quickly and my princess stared at me, confused.


I clenched up and looked at my mum when I heard her say my name.

"Yes..." I mumbled, and my princess looked at my mother, then father and then back at me.

"Who are these wonderful people! They make me feel so grateful"

*"*What a beautiful voice!" My mother declared and my girlfriend squeed in delight, "Are you two dating?"

"Even more than that, we're banging day and night."

*"...*what?" my mum and dad said together. I went red in embarrassment and my girlfriend continued.

"Your son is a great lover, he reminds me of my brother."

*"*That's it!" I yelled, and turned to face the princess, "You're too weird! We're done!"

"What...?" she whimpered, and I stepped away from her. I growled.


I grabbed my parents and directed them away from my now ex-girlfriend.

"Johnathon!" I heard her cry, "I'll always remember you! Your smile, your laugh"

I rolled my eyes, and walked with my folks, a bit saddened but mostly relieved.

"Who was that girl?" my mum asked me

"Just let it go..." I uttered, finishing off the discussion.