"Okay," I said to myself, as I was about to ring the doorbell, "I'm sure he had nothing to do with that explosion"

I thought this over as I waited for my friend's mansion door to open, and when it did creek open a little, my friend, Adam, looked out at me from the small opening.

"Oh, Liam!" he said overjoyed and moved back a little. The door slid open and I nervously entered his home.

"Hey, Adam..." I said, as I swallowed and saw all his inventions taking up the walls and the sides of the hallways, "I heard you were at the races yesterday."

"What?" He replied, "Me? You know I think that is animal cruelty."

"Right..." I answered and looked at his calm face, "It's just, apparently you had a horse in the race."


"Named 'Killer'"

"Uh huh...?"

"Well, Killer must have had explosions on her, because she blew up halfway through the race, killing many jockeys and racing horses."

"Uh huh..." Adam said again and waved at me to follow him towards his living room.

"Y'know, Liam," he said, dangerously low in tone, "The way that animals are treated is a disgrace."

"Hmm?" I hummed back, a bit confused.

"Maybe someone else strapped that dynamite to Killer"

"I don't know..." I said, weary now of my old friend, "We did find that the explosions had 'Adam Caine' as the production manager."

"Oh..." Adam said and picked up a remote, suddenly pressing a big red button on it, and the walls slid up, showing a room with lions in cages and sharks in tanks.

"WHAT IS THIS?" I yelled and he only smirked.

"My petting zoo."

"Isn't that illegal?"

"Well," He said in a small sigh, "To each their own."

"Adam, I have to ask you." I said, demanding more than anything, "Are you a supervillain?"

"Only a villain for now," He replied and laughed a little, "I'll be getting my supervillain diploma in a couple of months."

"I thought we were friends?" I said, shocked and unsure anymore of anything.

"Oh we were, but one of the modules of the course requires a sacrifice"

"What do you mean- AHH"

Suddenly a robotic crane grabbed me and lifted me up to the ceiling, moving me towards the shark tank and I squirmed and shook in terror.

"Adam, why?!" I yelled, and he just laughed.

"What? The sharks are hungry, they need nourishment."

"But-" I screamed and the crane dropped me into the giant tank. I swished and turned about in the water and only heard Adam mutter.

"The more you thrash around, the more the sharks will get you."

I bobbed up and down in the ripples of the water, when suddenly, out of nowhere, I felt sharp jagged teeth tear into my waste, and pull me under. Blood poured out of me as I screamed out air bubbles and looked beyond the glass at Adam, eating some popcorn and enjoying the show.

"...why?" I spoke out, and he chuckled deviously.

"Because... you were here."