And I'll find myself looking for you-

In the haze of smoke in a crowded bar

Or at the bottom of an empty glass of liquor,

In the dusty stench of the humid weather

Or in the familiar chair covered in black faux leather.

And I'll be haunted by your memories-

A story you told me in the middle of a fight,

Or a joke you made one cold December night,

The same old lines you recited on boring days,

Or your annoying "calm down"s when I wasn't okay.

We both know how this ends for me.

Like a specter untouched by the hands of time,

I'll be wandering alone in our scenes of crime-

Where our shadows once entwined over the red brick wall,

Where you first took my hand and I started to fall.

We both know how it goes for you.

Her hold on your heart will strengthen each day.

You'll let yourself forget me, let me fade away.

And I'll watch your life unfold before my eyes-

A ghost of a man who once used to be mine.