"Name?" the alien breeder said in a tough gruff voice.

"Its name is Maurice." the female alien responded, almost indignant to the alien breeder, "He's an American pedigree, good for the blind among us."

"Hmm..." the alien breeder murmured, "Has he had his shots? Has he been chipped?"

"Oh yes, he is of the highest bloodline."

"Very well," the breeder continued, "He can be put up by auction near the end of the day."

"Oh, excellent!" the female alien squeed in delight, "That's all I wanted."

The human young male was yanked by his electric collar and led into a cage with many other earth human beings.

As the female alien unbuckled him, she pat him on his hair, with a crooked head and grin, saying, "You're going to make me a bomb of money!"

The male human just stared at her, all life in his eyes gone... no hope, no freedom. Just a pet, a slave to the aliens of the universe.

He turned away from her and saw human women and men pressing up against the cage, and whispering in fear to one another.

"What's your name?"

He froze when he heard a skinny young man ask him this. He faltered back and mumbled, afraid.


"You're lucky," the young man said, "Some of us aren't even given a name, just called 'boy' or 'girl'"

"That's..." Maurice said upset, "That's so horrible."

"Hopefully I'll be given to some alien that's looking for the caring pet, that's what I was bred for."

"I was bred for a blind alien."

"Have you had much experience around that?"

"No... just basic routines with my breeder."

"Pet number, 105, Maurice, Get up on the stage!"

Maurice gulped, pushing through the humans till he arrived at the cage's latch door. He was suddenly grabbed around the neck with an electric collar and pushed before the crowd of aliens for the offer.

"200!" A voice suddenly yelled,

"five hundred!" Another called.


Everyone went silent when that offer was yelled out.

"22,000!" The auctioneer said eagerly, "Going once, going twice...! Sold to Juck Gooblon for 22,000!"

Maurice felt himself being yanked by the collar off the stage and saw a big bulky alien with holes where his eyes would've been, given his leash.

Juck signed the papers of ownership of his new human pet and slave and led Maurice outside to his hovercraft.

"What are you to do with me?" Maurice asked afraid and the alien just huffed out a sad laugh.

"I need you to be my eyes... and my friend."


"No buts... say goodbye to this world, you are now mine."

Maurice felt tears grow around his eyes, before some teardrops slipped down.

"Don't cry," Juck said in almost sympathy, "You won't be able to work properly if you are emotional."

Maurice just sighed and sat in the passenger seat of the craft.

"See," Juck said slowly, "Your purpose now is to help, which is at least somewhat noble."

"And if I don't...?"

"But you will... because existence, even if it is a poor one, is still better than death."

Maurice grew silent and just wiped his tears off his face. Juck Gooblon was right. Yet, this life... it felt so wrong.