There are things in this world, from the big to the small

So many in fact, that I can't name them all

Things that drive me insane, things I hate with a fire

And instills within me a furious ire.

From the heights of the hills, and the depths of nadir

And stretching from here and to Balikesir

Everywhere that I went, from the bad to the great

I could not escape all these things that I hate.

They consume my whole life, and they're all that I see.

I know just what to do. And then I'll be free.

I can sit, I can write, and I'll ponder and muse

Then vent all my thoughts and express all my views

Of these terrible things and of every last one

And explain to you all what needs to be done.

By the end of this now, and I think you'll agree

These things should be banned; by the end you will see.

Now the list will be long, and it's fruitless to try

To name all the things I despise and the why.

But I'll give it a shot, and I'll see this thing through

Because, after all, I've got nothing to do.