Our first stop, dear reader, into things that I hate

Involves a good drink and its worst freaking trait.

When I wake up most morns, and get dragged out of bed

I can only look forward to what lies ahead.

I walk into the kitchen, I grab my best mug,

Turn on the machine and I brew my choice drug.

It's a wonderful liquid, this coffee, this joe

Providing some warmth and some much needed glow.

But then after a bit, like ten minutes or so

The taste starts to waver and gets well below

An acceptable quality brew I can drink

Makes me want to chuck the whole thing in the sink.

By the time that I get to the very last quaff

This drink I'd once loved is now making me cough.

What had happened to it? What a strange small effect

To be tasty one sec, and then trash in the next.

'Cause it turned something great into something so poor

This is first in my list of the things I abhor.