Lahu TV

I'm thankful to my dad because
Back when I used to think too much
And doubt all that I knew,
He pointed out some facts of life
That made no sense at all,
Like how hot tea is sometimes better
On the warmest days,
And looking at the stars
Can make you feel so cold and small.

He used to tell me that we're caterpillars
On a single leaf,
Too small in the photograph
To understand the picture.
He taught me to watch fire
Just like I might watch TV,
Studying the multicolored flames
That burned and flickered-
Cracking jokes and asking questions
As we sipped our tea.

And I never felt I was an imposition.

To think about the power of
Just one man's honesty
To infiltrate my thoughts
And help me grapple my religion...

Well, I'm in a position now
To burn beneath the darkened sky,
And infiltrate the minds of those who count on me.
Pointing out the stars above the residential streets.