It is the first day of a new era, and I can wait no longer.

I have very patently waited for the signal from my generals that confirms the northern kingdoms have been secured and are now safe but Elide and Mavine my generals who I had sent there seemed to have vanished off the face of the earth and not only that but one of my more blood thirsty generals a man by the name of Vernon Beak who is annoyingly very popular and quite useful concerning keeping my small population of dissident rebels who believe that they can do my job better than I can, has been pressing for a war campaign against lady Asmenda of the Valda lands who for some reason he utterly hates.

I know she simply wishes to be left to mourn the death of her son a little boy, Cal I believe he died during a raid by enemy forces upon her capitol city. To be honest if it was up to me, I would gladly leave her be. I was waiting for Vernon to forget about her and find something else to hate but because of the lack of signal that the northern kingdoms are secured have made him very, very mad so whose door dose he lay blame at? Yes Asmenda. Even though her kingdom is to the west and across a straight of water and hidden behind two separate island kingdoms. But sure, yeah blame the morning queen.


Queen Evene Asheul