It was the alcove of her palms
That gave me hope
And how she could read
The space between my breaths
So easily
It was like she wove time between my fingers
And laced the memory of her voice
Into my mind

White hot iron to the soft skin of lips
Words like molten light
Spilling out into the earth
She spoke to my soul
Coaxing the walls down
And I forgot what it was like
To trace sounds into pictures
And color outside of the lines

Losing the nightmares behind my voice
I could follow the dreams she laced with gold linings
Platinum and crimson lilt
Flowers grazing like clouds
She could turn
The world upside down
And back into her palm
If she wanted
Like a coin
Flipping in the space above her
Grinning gods above and below
Knowing that Everything
Has a chance
I am amazed
Beside her Infectious optimism
When she was the light
Striking down the shadow of negativity
Memories fading in the blinding existence
I would follow the ethereal essence she turned to be
Paradoxical energy that aided to calm
Always knowing she could catch me
If I fell