Chapter One

"Everything is possible as long as you don't know it's impossible." —Anonymous.

Willow's Orphanage is pretty average. Everything about it. This is where I live until I am adopted. The place is pretty decent, we have plenty of funding.

My bedroom is simple. I'm glad we have our own rooms, but with the incoming number of kids, there might not be any space left for all of us individually. The bed is the boring gray-silver color, the color of almost everything in the orphanage.

Nothing else resides in my room besides my dresser, bookshelves, lamp, paper, pencils, and pens, along with other random objects scattered about, like the plastic spoons piled up by the entrance way, and the half-empty nail polish bottles on my dresser. "Bring, bring bring!" Those three bells mean dinnertime for the third group, at 6:30. Stomach grumbling, I walk down five stories of stairs to the dining room on the second story. Bright orange signs point out directions around the orphanage; one pointing down labeled "Cafeteria."

The cafeteria is filled with people, and I realize tonight is "Breakfast for Dinner" night, so we have bacon, eggs, sausage, pancakes, waffles, french toast, and omelets. The line even stretches to the gym door. Rushing to the line I barely beat my friend Lila. "Hi M!" She says cheerfully. "Aren't you excited? It's Breakfast for Dinner night! We haven't had one of these in forever!"

"Yeah, it is Breakfast for Dinner night, why is everyone so excited about it? The dinner is better than the breakfast, we only had waffles and bacon this morning! Am I the only one who notices these changes?"

"I've never noticed that before. I wonder why. There could be multiple different answers, like, the don't believe breakfast is the best meal of the day! That is a valid reason!" she exclaims.

Even though I'm 16, and Lila's 12, we still are the best of friends, plus we look so much alike we could be sisters. "That could be true," I murmur. "But honestly, I'm still not so sure what the reason is. It could be anything!"

"Hmmm," Lila says thoughtfully. "What if they assume that everyone gets breakfast at school, so they don't prepare much! Or, the deliveries are messed up, so we get more at dinner."

"Well, those are all valid theories, so let's go and get some dinner."

"You mean breakfast," Lila giggles.

"Hey!" I say giving her the lightest shove. I'd do anything for Lila. She's my best friend and resident little sister. The one I first had was Willa, but then she got adopted out and all I had was myself for a couple of months until Lila came. Those were the worst weeks of my life.

"Why are you shoving me?" Lila asks, collapsing again into a fit of giggles. Slowly the line inches forward, towards the serving line, as Lila and I joke around. Unfortunately, Mr. May comes and asks us, "Girls, why are you talking in the lunch line? There is no talking in the lunch line. Explain yourselves!"

Glancing at Lila I smile, and keep my mouth closed.

"Tell me, you little girl!" he says, almost yelling. Quickly, I grab a spare piece of paper from my pocket, and right a message on it. It reads "YOu told us not to talk" and I hold it up to him, and it's so hilarious, red face and all. "Fine, fine fine," he grumbles. "I better not hear a peep out of you for the rest of dinner!" Sulking, he stomps away.

Lila and I burst into silent giggles, Mr. May is so hilarious when he's mad, so you can't do anything but laugh. Finally, we are in the serving room. I pick up two waffles, blueberries, and sausage, along with about one cup of syrup. Lila grabs french toast and strawberries. "There's two seats right next to each other!" she exclaims. Taking it all in, but the old ratty red seats that need replacing soon. They match horribly with our pale-green tables from old restaurants.

The booth Lila pointed to was part of the old restaurant before they expanded the place for the orphanage. A fading bouquet of yellow flowers lies in a small ceramic jug. Sitting down, we dig in. "Crud! I forgot milk!" Lila says shaking her head. "Can you please get me some chocolate please?" reluctantly, I nod. "Thanks!"

"Whole milk, 2%, Lowfat, Fat free, Organic, Lactose free, chocolate, and strawberry," I murmur. Choosing a chocolate for Lila and an organic for me, I walk back to my table, slurping the bottle of milk.

"Yum! Thanks M!" the smile on Lila's face makes me smile too. The smile on his face makes me realize that I'd miss her so so much if she was adopted. If anyone comes to adopt us, we are going to be adopted as a pair. I made that mistake with Willa.

"What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?" I ask.

"I absolutely love butter pecan! Most people think it's for adults, but it is delicious! The light buttery flavor, with a bunch of pecans. You've got to try it!"

"Maybe someday, but for now my favorite flavor is mint chocolate chip. The minty flavor with the crunchy chocolate chips is good. More like great. The only thing I don't like about it is that it's dyed green. That's bad for your health. They do make natural ones though, that aren't dyed. I think it's just more expensive for the orphanage."

"Which means that butter pecan is better than mint chocolate chip!" As soon as we are done, the bell rings four times, signaling the start of fourth dinner.

"Let's go back to the dorms," I say, yawning.

"Come on! Do we have to"

"Of course. Mr. May might come back for us!" I giggle.