Just to let ya'll know, this is not me being homophobic or anything similar to that. I am pansexual and I apologize if anything that happens in this story causes me to be a disgrace to the lgbt+ community.

"Okay so before we go in, get all of your 'PATRICIA's out before you cause a scene!" Patricia Welling said to her wife, Tina Welling, as they stood outside the restaurant where they were about to have dinner with a few friends. Tina rolled her eyes and immediately walked into the restaurant. Patricia followed her wife to the table where their four friends were reading the menus. Alexandra Grayson looked up from her menu and smiled. She looked at her roommate, Lizzabeth Seattleson, who gave both of the women death glares. Tina scoffed before the two sat down beside Brian Leon, who had buried his face in his hands.

"Just to let you guys know, my dad kind of just invited himself." Brian whispered before an elderly man hobbled over to the table. He scanned the table before he spoke "Ah, good evening ladies, son...and shrew!".

Gerald Seattleson, Brian's boyfriend and Lizzabeth's twin brother, sighed and put his menu down. He looked up at the elderly man and asked "Seriously? Are we gonna do this in a public place? We're gonna fight just because your son is dating a man!". The elderly man muttered incoherently under his breath before sitting down in between Alexandra and Lizzabeth. He suddenly stopped his mumbling and looked up. There was a sudden realization that he wasn't welcome at this table. He excused himself before leaving the restaurant in utter embarrassment. Things went back to normal as the group pulled their menus back out.

Five minutes had past and a waiter had come over asking for everyone's orders. One by one the orders were requested by each member of the table.

"I'll take the fish pie." Tina requested.

"Eh just get me a rice and vegetable curry." Alexandra ordered.

"I'll take a little bit of that a- oh um I mean, I'll have a surf 'n' turf please." Gerald stuttered with a flustered look on his face.

"A steak pie please!" Brian asked.

"I think I'll have a Hawaiian pizza please and thank you." Patricia mentioned, placing her menu on the table.

"Hotdog please!" Lizzabeth finally said.

The waiter looked around. There was a silence. "Any drinks?" he asked. "Oh yeah! Water all around!" Brian mentioned. The waiter wrote that down and left the table.

"So we have an announcement!" Tina declared. All eyes were suddenly on Tina and Patricia. All eyes except for a grumpy-looking Lizzabeth. Lizzabeth had been grumpy around Patricia for a few years. Mainly, two years ago when Patricia got married to Tina.

The group had all been friends since high school. It all started when Patricia started dating Lizzabeth and Brian got with Gerald. They quickly made friends with Alexandra and Tina, two other lgbt+ teens. The group had recently started to fall apart ever since Patricia and Lizzabeth broke up three years ago. Patricia started dating Tina a few weeks later and the two got married two years ago. Lizzabeth was able to withstand a lot but the news Patricia and Tina had broke her heart.

"We're pregnant!" Patricia announced. The Gerald and Alexandra's faces both light up in delight while Brian was bewildered and Lizzabeth seemed to be in shock. Brain looked at Tina. He stared into her eyes and asked "Do you still have a dick?".

Tina rolled her eyes and explained "Yes I have a dick. I can't use it but it's there. We conceived through in vitro. By the way, transitioning is not as easy as you may think. They're still trying to get a...female reproductive system with my blood type. Trust me, it sucks being B negative.". Patricia put Tina's hands in hers and whispered. Tina nodded and the two turned back to their friends.

"I'm having twins so if Brian and Gerald would like to, We'd let them adopt one of the babies." Patricia explained. Brian was suddenly as delighted as Gerald.

Lizzabeth, on the other hand, seemed to have difficulties swallowing the news. She nudged Alexandra and whispered "Alex, can you take me home?". Alexandra nodded and the two left the restaurant. Alexandra drove home while the two sat in silence.

"Lizzie, if you need anything, just ask. I have paper bags in the glove compartment if you need to puke!" Alex sighed as she parked outside the apartment building. Lizzie was silent. They walked up the stairs and entered the empty apartment. Alex closed the door and Lizzie broke down. Lizzie sat on the couch and began crying. Alex sat beside her and held her close.

"Lizzie, if it's about Patricia moving on like she did, I have a solution for you." Alex explained while patting her friend's back. Lizzie gave a "What?" between sobs.

"You're sitting next to her!" Alexandra announced as she presented herself to her friend in a grand fashion. Lizzie looked at her friend, confused. "Aren't you ace?" she asked. Alex dug her face into her hands before explaining asexuality to her roommate.

"I can be in love, I just don't want sex! Plus I already maybe have a vacation for us!" Alex explained. Lizzie looked at her for a little while before saying "Sure, I think it would be very good for me to get into a new relationship. And why wouldn't I date you, cutie wutie?". Alex cringed and requested that Lizzie wouldn't do that again. Lizzie nodded and the two retreated to watching a movie.

Things weren't going much better at the restaurant. Tina and Brian had fallen into a heated argument about Tina's breasts. Patricia tried to calm down her wife when she suddenly received a loud "PATRICIA! Shut up sweetie, I got this!" from Tina.

The whole restaurant went quiet. Patricia grabbed Tina by the arm and rushed her out of the restaurant, leaving Brian and Gerald alone. The two started to have an awkward conversation.

"So...still not gonna bring up our engagement?" Brian asked.

"Nope!" Gerald answered, fiddling with the engagement ring on his finger.

"Are we gonna accept the baby Patricia and Tina offered?" Gerald wondered.

"Oh definitely, why wouldn't we?" Brian responded.

This awkward conversation continued until they finished eating and left the restaurant. All was sound between the group of friends, until the next day.