Hi. I have the excuse for not updating that nobody asked for so I'm just gonna put it in the trash because it is non-existent and I've just been lazy as hell. But yeah, if you haven't read my other stories, I've been trying to update at least every two weeks but I'm bored as heck so I might as well update this story and maybe The Meldewson Household because I have ideas for them. That story also has two lgbt+ couples as well as an aro/ace character if anyone is interested.

"So...uh...Lizzie when exactly did you put this tracker in Gerald's phone?" Brian asked Lizzabeth as she fiddled with her phone trying to activate a tracker that linked her phone to Gerald's. He was sitting in Alexandra's car with the two ladies so they could find Gerald and make sure he was okay.

"It wasn't me that put it in. Our parents wanted us to make sure we didn't die on our way to school and back everyday so they put trackers in each of our phones. Right now, I'm trying to figure out with icon on the map is Gerald and which ones are our parents." Lizzabeth explained as she scanned the map on her phone, tapping every icon on it. She eventually reach the icon that was placed at a local lake. She put her phone in the holder that was located on the passenger's side of the car's windshield.

Alexandra looked at the directions and started driving towards the lake. Once there, they saw no sign of Gerald but a pretty panicked looking Tina and a decently relaxed looking Patricia. Tina immediately ran up to the parked car and knocked on the driver's window. Alexandra rolled down the window and had a good look at Tina. The pink-haired transwoman seemed to be on the verge of either tears or a panic attack.

"It-it's Gerald. I think Patricia might've accidentally killed him. He-he was drunk and asked Patricia to throw him into the water naked. I think he drowned." Tina sobbed before putting her head on car door and fully resorting to tears. Hearing this, Brian jumped out of the car. He stripped to his underwear and ran into the lake to search for Gerald. After about a minute of searching, Brian resurfaced with a somehow fully conscious Gerald. He placed his fiancé on the ground as Gerald gave a little "Yay! I'm being rescued by a big, strong man!". Brian ignored this as his fiancé was obviously drunk as a sailor. He started examining Gerald's body for any wounds or problems with blood flow or breathing. As he did this, Gerald started talking again.

"You know, I would totally cheat on my fiancé for you but I love him too much. We're supposed to have a baby but I might die before the baby's even born because I'm supposed to have surgery to remove a brain tumor in a few weeks. Yeah... a sexy guy like you is probably straight though. All the hot guys I've liked that aren't my fiancé and my ex were straight." Gerald said with a slight slur in his speech before he passed out. Lizzabeth and Alexandra got out of the car to make sure he and Tina were okay. Tina had calmed down but was slightly infuriated by her wife's actions.

"PATRICIA! How could you nearly kill poor Gerald? I know he was asking for it but you should know better than to just throw people in lakes." Tina yelled. Patricia started yelling back at her but Brian, Alexandra and Lizzabeth were already loading the passed-out Gerald into the car. They drove away and headed straight back for Lizzabeth and Alexandra's apartment where Brian and Alexandra threw Gerald onto the couch. Gerald hit his head off the armrest and woke up.

"Am I in heaven or is there two Brian's and it's extremely bright in here?" Gerald asked, putting his hand on his excruciatingly painful head. Brain sat down and resting Gerald's head on his lap. He stroked his red hair gently and told him to go back to sleep. Gerald complied and fell asleep again. "Goodnight you two." Lizzabeth said before her and Alexandra headed into their bedroom to get themselves some sleep.

The next morning, Gerald woke up with an even more intense pain in his head than the night before. Brian was still sleeping sitting upright while Lizzabeth and Alexandra had already left for their cruise. Gerald sat up and noticed they had left a note for him and Brian on the coffee table. The note stated that there was painkillers in the cupboard in the bathroom. There were other things listed with their locations but Gerald wasn't too bothered with them at that moment. He stood up and started searching the bathroom cupboard for the painkillers. He couldn't see properly as the tumor had messed with his vision causing his right eye to be slightly blurry. He eventually found the bottle and took the recommended dose of two tablets. He got a cup of water to wash it down as Brian stumbled into the bathroom.

"Hey, do you know where the heater is? It's freezing in here." Brian groaned as he scratched his arm. Gerald turned to look at his fiancé and realized why Brian was feeling cold. He had left all his clothes at the lake. Gerald looked down and noticed he had made the same mistake. There was an awkward silence between the two as they realized neither were wearing clothes nor had either of them brought clothes with them. Gerald then remembered what had happened the night before and walked to the couch and sat down. Brian eventually joined him, sighing as he sat down.

"So... do you want the baby or not?" Brian asked. Gerald nodded but then said "If I don't survive, I don't want you to have to go through the pressure of being a single dad. That's why I said I didn't want it. I'm also scared about what would happen if my health acts up again. So, I was wondering if we could let Alexandra and Lizzie have the baby? I can't put a child through having a dad that is constantly sick like this. I'm sorry.". Gerald started crying. Brian hugged him and rubbed his arm.

"It's okay. We will see how your surgery goes and see if you're still not up to raising a child. If you aren't, it's okay. Just, please, let me know if you want to have it or not." He said, trying to comfort the crying Gerald. Gerald looked up, his eyes still filled with tears and kissed Brian. He then pulled away and looked down at the ground. He took a few deep breaths before looking back up at Brian with a smile on his face and he gave a little nod. Brian smiled, glad his fiancé was feeling better. He got up and began to make the two of them breakfast.

Probably the most nudity there has ever been in the history of my stories but oh well. I mean, besides the time I wrote the most undetailed smut fic ever to exist, this has the most nudity. Anyway, bye.