Let me shine the light

On some people who have impacted my life

When I need them

They're always around

To help me when I'm feelin down

They wouldn't let me drown

In the lake cuz my friends ain't fake

Yeah it's great

To have friends who wouldn't go ghost

And leave me in the cost

There always there when I need them the most

So yo I want to raise a toast

To some true friends of mine

And there's no particular rank

Yo I just gotta give my thanks


First and foremost I must thank God

Then my family

My mom

My brothers Aaron and Dustin

My soon to be sister in law

Of course you know I got to give a special shout out

To my nephew Jaxon and my niece Zoe Ann-Marie

I can't wait for you to be born

I'd like to give thanks to my homies

Jeremy Byrd, Man Brackins and Elijuan Combs

And even though I have yet to meet these two in person

I would like to give thanks to

Melody Faith Clark and Aria Noelle Curzon

Thank you all.

Yo I'm out.