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How did it get like this. My frustration led me here. I was sitting at the edge of a cliff, looking out at everything below. Sometimes, you just have to get away from it all. I sorted out what I wanted, what I truly wanted. This whole mess began almost a year ago, in my junior year at my high school, Harmony Lake High. By the way, my name is Christian.

When I started my life at the high school, I could already see the charisma and charm of one of the most popular kids there. Her name was Amy, an boy was she cute. But the reasons I loved her were the same reasons everyone did. She had a beautiful smile, a wonderful sense of humor, unwavering patience, and nothing (as far as I knew then) to get upset about. She got along with everyone. She was perfect, and she was the girl of my dreams. I had to go for it.

Luckily, we sat next to each other in fourth period. As we worked on our assignement, I talked to her for the first time (not for help or the usual small talk).

"Uh, hey, Amy?"

"What's up, Chris?"

"I was wondering if maybe we could hang out at lunch."

"Sure thing."


"Yeah. I mean, we sit next to each other every day, so we might as well get to know each other a little bit."

"Uh, ok." I didn't know what else to say. Clearly, we were just aquaintances, not even friends yet, so I knew it wasn't anything like a date, but that didn't stop my heart from pumping faster than usual.

I breathed slowly from the anticipation, my heart rate a few bpm faster. True to her word, she split from her friends and made her way over to my table.

"Hey, Chris," she called to me.

"Oh, uh, hey, Amy."

"So, what'd you get?"

"Oh, uh, some pizza. You?" I couldn't tear my eyes from her golden locks and aquamarine eyes as she gave her answer.

"The same," she said, and emphasized by raising her cardboard tray. On it was the same as I had: a pizza, potato wedges, apple sauce, and a carton of chocolate milk. I had my homework out as well.

She gave me an awkward look.


"I just wanted to thank you."

"For what?" I thought she was crazy. Thank me!?

"For inviting me to have lunch with you. It's been a while since I've had lunch with anybody but my best friends."

"You're welcome... I guess." I decided to pick a topic. "So, do you think you did on the test?"

"Yeah, I mean, I guess. What about you?"

"I think so." It was a boring subject for sure, but just to be able to hear her silver voice was enough for me.

"I know this is odd, but what's your favorite color?"

"My... what?"

"You know."

"Uh, dark blue, I guess." I was a biit confused at her train of thought. She seemed to be thinking internally.

"Mine's purple," she said. She took out a notebook and scribbled something. I looked down just before she closed it and noticed some dates and notes. The only one I saw clearly read: Jess' Birthday- Still deciding. I assumed she was losing interest, until she said:

"You're birthday is in a couple of weeks, right?"

"Uh... yeah."

"Did you have anything planned?"

"Just a cake and some ice cream. We don't really have big celebrations that much."

"Hmm, so what do you do in your free time, anyway?"

"Just whatever. Music, TV, games, or books."


She continued to ask about my hobbies and interests, and we talked about school and such. Every now and then, she'd open her notebook and write in it. Once I had caught a small smile, and my heart skipped a few beats at the sight. Before I knew it, our thirty minutes were up, and lunch was over.

After school, I went up to my room, a big smile on my face. It wasn't concrete, but there was a chance for a relationship after all. I focused on all my chores more than usually, and with more enthusiasm. It did not escape my mom's attention. I knew she would probably ask at dinnertime. As for my dad, he could probably care less. If I were happier when doing my work, that's as far as he was concerned.

I got my homework out, and my heart nearly stopped dead at the sight. In blue pen, were the words: If you need help on this. Below was Amy's phone number. Now I wasn't stupid necessarily, but I was naĆ­ve, in retrospect. When I saw the message, I presumed it was just that. How was I to know that there was more to it than that?

At dinnertime, my mom had a noticeable smile. My dad even had a half-smile.

"What?" I asked. I knew it was something.

"We have some news."


"I just got off the phone with Vanessa. She said they're moving over here. Isn't that good news? You'll get to see Danny."

I hadn't seen Danny since about the end of the first semester of eighth grade. It was now about almost a quarter through my junior year. I missed her. Sure, she was stubborn, a bit short-tempered, and impatient, and she always used to say, "Gotcha again, stupid," everytime she tricked me, but she was my best friend. We grew up together since second grade.

My life seemed to be on a perfect path. How was I to know that it would soon become a confusing, frustrating mess.